TikTalk: Trending TikTok songs to get you thru finals

Towards the end of the semester, people only have one thing left in mind: the finale. Studying for the final exam and lugging your rucksack from university to university is always a bit painful and stressful. To make it even more enjoyable, I’ve put together a playlist of eight trending songs on TikTok that I can play for this finals season.

Katy Perry – “California Gurls”

Katy Perry put it best when she said, “Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast”. I mean, that’s why we all decided to come to USC, right? This early 2010s pop is definitely going to get anyone stepping back in time – one with no finals – and for a moment you’ll be a tween jamming to this song on a middle school dance floor. Most importantly, it reminds you that the west coast is actually the best coastline (sorry, east coast besties).

Amaarea ft. Kali Uchis – “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” remix

If the title of this song isn’t the perfect title to describe everyone during the finale, I don’t know what it is. During the finals everyone is a sad girl, but we grind because we love money and hope that if we do well in college it will enable us to thrive in our careers. As you question life in the sad basement of the Leavey Library, remember, you are doing it to get that “mula-la-la”.

Bruno Major – “Nothing”

Bruno Major’s “Nothing” is a sweet, gentle song about the person with whom we don’t mind not doing anything. People on TikTok have used it to make little montages of their pet, significant other, friend, or family member to say, “I’m grateful that you’re mine.” The lyrics will catch you thinking about all the moments when you didn’t do anything with your favorite people in college, but you won’t mind because they are memories that you will cherish forever.

Silk Sonic – “Smoking out the window”

Sorry Swifties, but Silk Sonic’s album release was the highlight of my November 12th. “Smokin Out the Window” would get everyone to put on their most stylish fit and sway in the middle of the dance floor. A groovy R&B song so smooth that you can’t help but sing along. Especially when Anderson .Paak sings: “Not dramatic, but I want to die,” because we will all be at the end of the semester.

Sam Fender – “Seventeen Are Going Under”

On Seventeen Going Under, Sam Fender talks about his struggles at the age of 17. While not all of us can get along with the lyrics, we’ve all gone through our own struggles, big or small. Seventeen is an interesting year – it is the intersection between childhood and adulthood. Listening to the song can help us remember how small we felt as a senior in high school or a freshman in college and how far we have come.

The Young-Holt Unlimited – “Soulful Strut”

When someone is like me, listening to songs with lyrics can sometimes distract from studying. But fear not, The Young-Holt Unlimited’s “Soulful Strut” still has an uplifting tone that can help make learning less boring. On top of that, this song would be the perfect excuse to take a break from studying and perform the infamous handshake from Lindsey Lohan’s version of “The Parent Trap”.

Hilary Duff – “With Love”

Need a Disney Star Flashback? Don’t worry, “Lizzie McGuire” – Queen herself – is here. “With Love” has inspired a variety of videos of people performing the dance routine from one of Duff’s live performances of the song. With the best of the early 2000s vibe, you’ll feel like a kid again watching music videos in your living room during Disney Channel Original Movies commercial breaks.

Monsieur Periné ft. Vicente García – “Our Song”

“Nuestra Canción” is best described with luck. It has the same vibes as feeling like a kid in a candy store. The videos of the TikTok dance will put a smile on everyone’s face. If you want to perform the dance yourself in the middle of a study room, or just want to take a break to scroll through the TikToks using the sound, you’re definitely getting a boost of serotonin to help out in the not-so-happy time of the finale of the season.

Trinity Gomez is a seasoned writer on TikTok and popular culture. Your column “TikTalk” ran every second Friday.

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