This Joseph Joseph Spatula Is Widespread on TikTok and Amazon

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At first glance, it looks like any other kitchen accessory, but once you see the intuitive shape and design in action, you’ll see how useful it is. TikTok user @simplysalfinds demonstrated the versatility of the tool by flipping pancakes, slicing bananas, sifting vegetables, spreading spices, and scooping rice in a short video that has received more than 10,600 likes and 413,000 views to date.

“I was surprised at how convenient this tool is,” said one five-star reviewer. “I use it almost every meal now. Works great for frying. I was really surprised when I had breakfast for a crowd and was able to put up a lot over lighter / sunnier eggs and not crack a single yolk This is a big win. Also works great for scooping rice or cleaning / scraping the bottom of the pan when cooking or burning food. “

TikTok hasn’t let us down with its viral recommendations just yet, and based on the fanfare this multipurpose tool has, it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon. Shop the 5-in-1 spatula below.

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