This Influencer Shared A TikTok Exposing Sneaky Modifying Methods

There is nothing we love more than when the curtain is raised on the influencer world, especially when it is done by a real influencer who wants to show people what is happening.

Model, influencer and TikTok star Nicole sahebi shared a video in which she revealed how easy it is to give yourself the fake glow using a photo editor called FaceApp.

“Proof that social media is fake,” she captioned the video. “The number of people using this app.”

In the video, she shows her fans what a selfie looks like before and after going through FaceApp and you recognize that afterwards as literally every single influencer in your IG feed.



Check out the full video below:


the number of people using this app ????

♬ Still digging into you – SHO

So the next time you see an influencer posting a fire selfie and feeling bad, just keep in mind that all kinds of editing software could go into that post.

The influencer in question actually went out of their way to remove every final imperfection (or at least what we believe are imperfections) before sharing his face with the world.

And what a sad, sad world that is.

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