This Gig Harbor non-profit is instructing TikTok in regards to the Salish Sea

Harbor WildWatch held in-person classes on the Salish Sea before the pandemic – now they’re taking the digital world by storm. # k5evening

GIG HARBOR, Wash. – On a specific day, you might see Rachel Easton and Stena Troyer on a specific beach in Washington – peeking under rocks, picking up seaweed, and showing grumpy creatures on camera, all for the love of the Salish Sea. .and Harbor WildWatch!

“Harbor WildWatch is an environmental organization founded in 2004 by a Gig Harbor resident who was concerned that people in our area did not understand what a valuable resource the Salish Sea was,” said Rachel Easton, director of education.

Over the years, Harbor has visited WildWatch classrooms in Washington. However, after the outbreak of the pandemic, they were completely digitized – and thanks to TikTok, they have reached even more people.

“We realized that this was a tool to inspire the administration,” said Easton. “And our mission is to really inspire the administration for this beautiful body of water. We create learning opportunities, and TikTok was just one more learning opportunity we could use.”

Harbor WildWatch is now producing educational videos on Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. And they had some very successful viral videos, some of which were viewed two million times. No wonder – when you see something like a light purple starfish, you’ll want to stop and watch.

“It’s fun to get that hook of a really interesting marine life,” says Easton. “We find people who follow these animals and seek their own knowledge.”

Currently, Harbor WildWatch is a dedicated team of three women who still manage to produce a TikTok every day, along with longer instructional videos on different types of seaweed, crabs and worms.

No matter where you are, you can be on the beach right next to Harbor Wildwatch.

“TikTok is distributing it to people all over the world,” says Easton. “Like people in different countries.”

Now even more people know all about the wonderful crawfish in the Salish Sea – and Harbor WildWatch, in turn, hopes this will inspire action.

“I really want people to know about these animals so they can honor and protect them,” says Easton.

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