This 27-year-old blows up TikTok together with her fact!

She received wonderful support from people who commented on her post and we feel empowered and positive that our world is slowly but surely changing and adapting.

One person commented, “This needs to be normalized,” to which Emily responded by saying, “It’s actually because I love happiness :)” which went on to another person who said, “So true. I am a lot older but in the same boat. I’ve never really felt like having ‘relationships’ (paraphrased) with someone I really click with. I’m happy, single. “

In a world where everyone is rushing to experience it all, Emily has shown us that it is okay to wait and preserve an experience. It’s okay to be just you and enjoy the moment for what it is, with no expectation, just sincere happiness.

Thank you for that, Emily!

Image courtesy of TikTok

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