‘The weirdest condominium complicated I’ve seen’

If you have never seen an apartment with an “inside balcony”, consider yourself lucky.

At least that’s the insight from a new viral TikTok. The clip posted by a user named Rachel (@ rayyy.of_sunshine) shows what she called “the strangest apartment complex I’ve ever seen”.

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The disturbing video is part of a longstanding trend in the app. In the past, TikTokers discovered “secret rooms” on their roofs, “hidden stairs” in bricked-up basements and bizarre loudspeakers in their neighborhood.

Rachel’s clip shows the apartment complex in which she is currently staying. As her video shows, the building is full of interior balconies that hang over the windowless main hall.

“Just so weird,” she headed her post.

The clip immediately went viral, drawing more than 1.4 million views in just two days. TikTokers seemed particularly terrified of the building they described as “terrible” and compared it to a prison.

“This apartment exudes horror movie vibes,” wrote one commentator.

“Saddest apartment ever!” another added.

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In fact, TikTok had so many questions that Rachel posted a number of follow-up videos. In one it leads through the interior of the apartment, which consists of several rooms without windows.

Luckily, Rachel also added in the clip that the apartment doesn’t belong to her – she’ll only stay in it for a few weeks until she and a friend move to a new location together. At least her room now has a window.

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