the way to use instagram reels whilst a newbie

Have you heard of the new IG Reels Instagram ™ update? This new neighborhood of Sue B. on Instagram ™ is a direct competitor of TikTok, but through the Instagram app.

If you don’t know anything about IG roles, don’t worry! I’m going to show you how to use roles and when to use them to make your Instagram feed more fun, informative, and engaging. Let’s begin.

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What are IG roles and how do you share them?

IG Reels are designed to be fast, fun, and interesting. These 15 second clips can contain music and your favorite Instagram ™ creative elements. However, Instagram ™ has also added a few other creative features to help you customize your role.

From adjusting the speed of your role to adding effects, IG roles can be as unique as the content of your feed and stories.

Now let’s examine how you can make an IG roll.

First, open your Instagram ™ Stories and swipe right to open the Roles tab. Then tClick the icon at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a movie clapper with a play icon in the middle) to start recording your video.

If you look at the top of the screen you will see a red bar that shows how much time you have left on your reel. When you are happy with the video, add some creative elements. On the right side of the screen you can choose music and effects, and even change the speed of your role.

Would you like to adjust the length of your roller clip? It is easy. Just swipe up to change the length of your clip.

When your video is done and done, tap the arrow in the lower right corner. You should now see Instagram ™ Stories’ creative tools (text, stickers and gifs) at the top of your screen.

Sue B Zimmerman's IG roles with the creative elements of Stories opened at the top.

Finally, tap the right arrow in the lower right corner. Now you can choose to share your IG roles on your feed, stories, and roles tab.

How to post rolls for feeding

Angry! Now that you know how to create an IG role, it’s a breeze to share it with your feed. When you get to the sharing screen, all you need to do is write an Instagram ™ signature like you normally would for your feed.

Sue B Zimmerman's IG roles with the end screen open, allowing her to choose whether to share them with her feed or stories.

Even if it’s a reel, your description should have the same carbon copy as your typical Instagram ™ title. Make sure you include a tick and a strong call to action. Even your most loyal followers need a nudge to know exactly what to expect from them.

look at it Virginia Kerr for example. Virginia takes her best photography advice and turns it into fun, informative roles. What’s even better is that she incorporates her branding into the role so it’s clear that this content is 100% authentic to her.

Virginia Kerr takes a text overlay selfie video that says you are speaking to the camera as one person.

Another good example is Promise Tangeman Root. As a young mom and business owner, Promise’s roles are always full of serenity and honesty. The roles may only be 15 seconds long, but Promise always makes the most of them.

Promise Tangeman records an IG reel holding a sponge on it that says that sponge is your life.

How to Share Roles in Instagram Stories

If you love Instagram ™ Stories as much as I do, you can’t wait to add roles to your strategy! Adding more engaging content like roles to your Stories strategy is a surefire way to get more engagements and approvals.

That’s exactly what I did here when I shared an IG role to celebrate my birthday. Sure, I could have just shared a static photo or even a simple video. But where is the fun in it?

Sue B Zimmerman wears a bucket hat and smiles on her birthday IG role. Remember that your role’s cover photo should be on-brand with the rest of your feed.

Best practices for IG roles

Whenever Instagram ™ introduces a new feature, we want to share it all asap. But just like with the rest of the app, there are four best practices that you should follow to ensure you are getting the most out of the content of your roles.

  1. Think of the detailed information someone needs to process in 15 seconds or less.
  2. Use the text tool to provide additional context.
  3. Always make sure you are well lit.
  4. Don’t create an IG role until you’ve mastered posting to the feed and stories.

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