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When Broadway is dark, it only takes a little rat and a team of aspiring theater makers to save the day. Last weekend, the Actors Fund announced that Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical raised more than $ 1 million in ticket sales in its premiere to support The Actors Fund.

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical is presented by Tony Award winning theater production company Seaview in collaboration with TodayTix Presents and TikTok and is streamed for 72 hours over the weekend only. It features content from members of TikTok’s # RatatouilleMusical Community, whose work together has earned the commitment of more than 200 million fans around the world.

Check out what the critics had to say about the incredible music event and find out about Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical!

Below, BroadwayWorld catches up with one of the creators, Gabbi Bolt, who wrote Django’s big number “Trash Is Our Treasure”!

The response to this project has been crazy from the start – what was it like to take it all on?

This project changed my life. It’s overwhelming! It was absolutely bizarre to see the musical from my city of Bathurst, NSW, Australia and to know that I was helping to work on it! People have supported me so much that I’m thinking about a career as a composer!

Can you tell us more about your inspiration and the work that helped make it to the finish line?

I wrote the song “Trash is our Treasure” for Remy’s father Django. When I first wrote it, the first little verse and chorus you see on the TikTok was done very quickly! It exploded overnight and so I felt a little nagging voice to end it. I ended up writing a demo (which eventually became what Wayne Brady (!) Sang) and uploaded it to YouTube. There was also a little voice that said “do the piano / vocal notes” so I did! I’m also very happy because when I found out about the musical, the bare bones of my song were already written down!

The team was incredibly nice and allowed me to orchestrate my song. Through this process I learned a lot and wrote down what I could hear in my head. I was very happy to hear that they took what I had written down and tweaked it to sound incredible with a real orchestra. I will forever thank the music team for the work they did on the song!

What do you hope for the future of Ratatouille?

I hope it inspires others! I hope people feed on the collaborative energy and want to build and develop shows together! It’s really so much fun and I felt really supported by my creative colleagues at TikTok.

What do you think about the future of TikTok as a starting point for other musicals? Do you think this is a wake-up call for producers and other theater makers to take content on this medium and other social media seriously?

I think producers who don’t have to exclusively use TikTok etc should definitely look for more talent for these apps. SO MANY creative young people live online and their talent is mind-boggling. I think if producers went looking they would find HOARDS worthy competitors in the theater industry who were just waiting to be recorded. There would be hope for people in regional areas or with a lower socio-economic background knowing that they CAN have creative careers regardless of where they are from.

As someone in Bathurst, Australia, I certainly feel like I have a lot more desire to work with Broadway!

What are you still working on?

I actually wrote my album in the last few years. I hope to take on my band this year! My sound is actually way more soul / pop influenced than my rat song, but I’m really looking forward to people hearing my new stuff!

Ratatouille: The TikTok musical played Wayne Brady (Django), Tituss Burgess (Remy), Kevin Chamberlin (Gusteau), Tony Award winner André De Shields (Ego), Andrew Barth Feldman (Linguini) and Grammy nominee Adam Lambert (Emile ). Tony winner Priscilla Lopez (Mabel), Tony nominees Ashley Park (Colette), Owen Tabaka (Young Ego) and three-time Tony nominee Mary Testa (Skinner) with Cori Jaskier, Talia Suskauer, Nikisha Williams, JJ Niemann and John Michael Lyles, Raymond J. Lee and Joy Woods as an ensemble.

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