The Energy of Occasion Hashtags & Find out how to Achieve Traction With Yours

It’s safe to say that conferences and other live events happen exactly where you want to connect in your industry and establish your brand presence. They are a great way to meet new people who can later become friends or even customers. Also, conferences are a fantastic way to learn and experience tremendous personal growth.

But there is one key element of live events that completely changes the experience: hashtags. Yes, hashtags! They made it easy for event goers (and those who wish they attended) to stay connected through social media. When you are there you can use the hashtag to share your experience. And if not, it’s an easy way to stay tuned so you don’t feel like FOMO.

Using an event hashtag, you can make connections before an event even starts, while it is in progress, and long after it finishes. But what exactly is it that makes it so powerful? Well I have the data to show you how effective it can be!

Why you should use an event hashtag

Whether you’re preparing to host your own live event or planning to attend, you’ll definitely want to use a hashtag when you share it on social media. One of the main reasons for this is that it helps encourage conversations between those who are interested in the event. You can find other people to leave or just find like-minded people to start a conversation with.

But how much conversation actually takes place around the hashtag of an event? Well, I asked Brand24 to provide me with some data on the conference hashtag # SMMW19 from Social Media Marketing World. In the image above, you can see mentions that use the hashtag spike tremendously as the date of the event gets closer and closer.

In the data above, you can see how much traction the hashtag is getting on social media. The estimated range is an impressive 32,045,619. And there are 17,661 social media comments talking about the event using the hashtag. This is an amazing amount of exposure for just one event. All the more reason to use an event hashtag yourself!

Another handy thing about using an event hashtag is that all of the posts from the event are brought together in one place. You can simply scroll through during or after the event to see what attendees shared, discover attendees’ interactions, and find photos and videos. It helps keep the fun going long after the party.

Gain traction for your event hashtag

After you’ve chosen your event hashtag, you need it to get you grounded. You need to encourage users to use it before, during, and after the event. Here are some tips to help you do that!

1. Before the event, build awareness

Obviously, when there’s a big event coming up, you’ll be promoting it a lot on social media. If you’re sharing your entire promo, add your event hashtag so that people will notice. You will quickly learn that there is an official hashtag that you should use on all of your posts. And then it encourages those interested in using the hashtag when posting about it online.

You also want to encourage speakers to use your event hashtag when promoting. Just like this data from Brand24 shows, having other big names with your hashtag pays off. It expands its reach and encourages others to draw attention to you. Above are the top influencers who posted about # SMMW19.

2. Check out the hashtag for engagement opportunities

If the hashtag is gaining traction, make sure you monitor it. When people use it, there’s a good chance they’ll ask questions that you can turn on and answer. You can share experiences or excitement that you want to partake in!

Make a commitment to check the hashtag daily. Get in touch with the users and cultivate relationships now. After all, social media should be social! And you don’t want to ignore all of the amazing conversations that are going on around your event.

3. Encourage attendees to join the conversation after registering for the event

Once attendees have registered, take them to a thank you page with all the important information they need to know before the event. Share your social media profiles so they can follow up if you haven’t already. And make sure you tell them what your event hashtag is and encourage them to use it now.

4. View posts at the event in real time

A great way to encourage people to share social media content using the hashtag is to view posts in real time. It encourages them to share what we can sometimes forget when we are caught in the hustle and bustle of a live event. Plus, people love to see their name and thoughts on one of these displays. It is fun! And it’s a great way for them to increase their following.

5. Continue the engagement after the event ends

Just because your event is coming to an end doesn’t mean the conversation has to die down. Next, check the event hashtag to see what people are saying about their experience. Thank you for coming, asking about your favorite part of the event, etc. It shows that you really care about your community and that they want to come back next year!

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