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Do you love a good travel hack? There are a number of quick, easy-to-replicate tips on the TikTok social media platform. TikTok’s fun videos explain how to navigate your way through luxury travel cheaply. There are tricks you didn’t know you could use, websites you didn’t know existed, things you didn’t know you could say, and steps you didn’t know about that you can run them to improve your experience and save tons of money. Check out some of the best.

Book first class tickets a few weeks before departure

If you want to upgrade your ticket cheaply, you can find more premium seats a few weeks before departure. TikTok user Brian Chung (brian —— chung) also suggests using to find the cheapest first class flights by points.

Ask about upgrades

TikTok developers Devon and Betsy Fata (Lux list) have some tips for travelers looking for hotel upgrades. Your # 1 rule is to just ask. Devon says, “It’s obvious, but it works a lot more often than you think.” He suggests phrasing your request so that no response is required, e.g. B. “Would it be too difficult to see if we could improve our stay?” They also suggest asking for a corner unit or offering to rate a new hotel in exchange for an upgrade.

Check to see if buying and redeeming points is cheaper than paying with cash

While most people go the traditional route of earning points through credit card sign-up bonuses and daily expenses, few buy points to redeem them. In most cases it doesn’t make sense to buy points to redeem for travel, but there are many scenarios where it actually makes sense.

TikTok user zacharyburrabel said, “It still puzzles me that you can buy hotel points and stay cheaper than what this hotel is going to sell you the room for.” It showed a five-star hotel in Orlando at a cash price of $ 299 a night plus tax, which is roughly $ 373 a night. However, buying and redeeming points for the same room would only cost $ 216 per night and taxes are included. Another user reported using this trick to buy business class seats on flights and save thousands.

Always use incognito mode when looking for flights

Several TikTok developers suggest using incognito mode when looking for flights. Airlines will automatically raise the price when they see you’ve searched for flights.

Find heavily discounted hotels for last minute stays on Express Deals

Creator caseyyisfetchh explains that the hotel list is showing empty hotel rooms in the Express Deals section of at heavily discounted rates. Five-star hotels valued at $ 60 are not atypical, she reports.

Use to stay with locals for free

The TikTok inventor Michael McBride (idea.soup) stayed with for free in 18 different countries with random people. is a platform for hosts to connect with guests from other countries.

Unlike Airbnb, money is never exchanged. “You just have to be open to making new friends,” he said. “I lived in communist houses in Ukraine, I was in a tent in Morocco in the middle of the Sahara and I lived in a mansion in the mountains of France. It was a cornerstone to travel cheaply and locally. “

Earn status for free upgrades on flights

Tiktok user Catarino Mello (professional tour guide) gets free upgrades for business or first class almost every time she travels. She shares her strategy which includes choosing one of the airline alliances to stay loyal to and signing up for the major airline’s loyalty program. She also uses credit card points to redeem free business class upgrades.

Find an alternate website for an Airbnb listed property

A quick Google search for a property found on Airbnb can save you hundreds of dollars. TikTok user Kelsewhatelse showed her followers how she could book a cabin for $ 300 less by booking directly with the property instead of Airbnb. You save on fees paid to Airbnb and increase the amount of money that goes to the property’s small business owner.

Look for international planes on domestic routes for better seating

If an international plane serves a domestic route, you can get a much better seat. When booking, check the configuration of the aircraft and seats to see if an international aircraft is being used for your domestic flight. TachTok Creator zacharyburrabel shows how much better an international plane with a flat seat is compared to a standard business class seat.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to find cheaper airfares

Tiktok Creator Professionaltraveler showed viewers how to find cheaper airfares with a VPN. When you use a VPN to change countries and open a new window in incognito mode, you often see tariffs that are much cheaper than looking in your country of origin.

Know when to book

Booking early or late can be costly. According to kingcredit, prices are lowest on domestic flights five to six weeks before departure and on international flights two and a half months.

The cheapest days to fly

TikTik users and flight attendants weariwandered recommend flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for the best deal on a flight. She also suggests looking for student discounts, as some airlines offer discounts of up to 50 percent.

Try house seating

TikTok creator Kristinacors says house sitting can save you the most money. “With housesitting, a homeowner can stay in their house for free to take care of their pets,” she explains.

The website she uses is called She reported that she could stay in San Diego for a week for free to look after a few pets.

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