‘That is the way you put together a toddler for all times’

This mom shares how she got her 17 month old toddler to make their own snacks!

Laura (@ lauralove5514) is the mother of a 3 year old, 17 month old who practices soft parenting, a discipline of parenting where parents treat their children as equals and encourage them to learn good behavior for their own sake.

Laura tries to teach her children to be confident and independent from an early age and encourages them to do everyday tasks independently. In a recent video, Laura showed how she encourages her 17 month old son to make his own snacks!

In the video, Laura shows how she carefully guides her son Jonah to prepare a snack for himself. Instead of preparing the snack for him or taking it over when he struggles, Laura provides guidance, but also allows Jonah to make his own decisions and mistakes.

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Jonah starts trying to peel a banana. As he struggles, Laura shows how to do it and lets Jonah do the job himself.

Next, Jonah chops up the banana with a child-safe slicer and starts spreading chocolate hummus on a piece of bread. At first Jonah struggles to figure out how to spread the hummus, but again his mother steps in and gives a brief demonstration.

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“If he’s having trouble with something, I model him or give him a hand-over-hand briefing to explain how it’s done and then just let him do his thing,” explains Laura.

For Laura, the most important thing is to let Jonah study alone – even if it means he will make mistakes. “It’s important to try not to fix what you’re doing,” she explains. “If I went in afterwards and added more hummus or gave it away, it would make him think that his job is not good enough, which would undermine the purpose of giving him confidence and independence.”

Jonah’s finished snack is a piece of bread coated with chocolate hummus and two small slices of banana. It may not be restaurant level food, but it is impressive work for a not yet 2 year old!

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Viewers expressed their appreciation for Laura’s parenting style and Jonah’s ability to make snacks in the comment section.

“You are teaching them to be independent and that is a wonderful thing. I did that with my boys too, ”replied one parent.

“I love it. It actually creates trust. This kid [is] become a champion, ”wrote another viewer.

Another TikToker replied, “This is how you prepare a child for life.”

Many experts believe that teaching children to be self-reliant from an early age can help prepare them for success in adulthood. Encouraging a toddler to prepare their own snacks may be a minor act, but it shows them that they are capable of doing things on their own.

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