Social Media Professional Talks At Australia’s First Social Media Funding Convention

A social media expert – Laurel Papworth – will speak at Australia’s first social media investment conference on Friday December 10th, which will be streamed live from Sydney for free. Laurel was named one of the top 50 social media experts in the world by Forbes Magazine, and even Barack Obama named her a social media expert and still follows her.

Called MarketLit, the conference brings together some of the biggest names on social media in a free live stream this Friday at 10 a.m. AEDT, following the July opening event of MarketLit, which was Australia’s first Millennial and Gen Z investment conference.

Education is at the fore at this conference, and MarketLit co-founders Julia Maguire and Lelde Smits emphasize the importance of being educated on so many different levels – including social media, investing, and technology. For this reason, Laurel is one of the keynote speakers at the event, as the value of social media cannot be underestimated. As Laurel said, “People think social media is someone who uploads a photo of their cat, but social media is actually humanity’s missing manual.”

Managing online communities for more than 20 years, Laurel believes in educating the public about future trends and issues that will shape our society. She has made it a life’s work to mentor others and will share her latest insights: “I look forward to speaking at the MarketLit conference and will talk about investments made by the big tech companies Facebook and Google Education and the reasons why why they invest in education, ”she adds.

Speaking of the rise of ‘EduSocial’

Regarding the rise of EduSocial, Laurel explains, “There are artificial intelligence resources that examine what we do on social media every day and learn what it means to be human. So if we have a role in providing advice or interest in humanity, we should look at social media and the future of social media to see how that plays out. “

Recent reports from global companies show that social media has become an increasingly important resource for investors. The Ascent found that many young people get their investment information through social media. 91% of Generation Z investors said they got their investment information through social media, and 75% of Millennials said they got their investment knowledge through social media.

This is a non-profit conference organized by MarketLit

MarketLit co-founders, Lelde Smits and Julia Maguire.

It seems that we would like more education in this area as the last MarketLit event was well attended in early July this year. As Julia says: “After the tremendous response our first event received, it was inevitable to start another event. We have been inundated with media coverage and investor interest wanting to be part of MarketLit’s commitment to investor education. “

Lelde adds: “MarketLit was created to promote market and media competence and at the same time to research the future of the digital economy in the investment world with national and international thought leadership.”

Lelde will interview each speaker and says, “I am deeply honored to interview each speaker in person and I am delighted to put their voice, views and visions for the future in the spotlight. These seasoned industry experts, executives and innovators work at the top of their game, along with millions and millions of followers on their social media platforms, and we are all united by our passion to create a world where technology can help, not hinder, our collective evolution. “

Fellow Speaker Jordan Guiao is an advocate of responsible technology and works as a Research Fellow at the Center for Responsible Technology at the Australia Institute.

“The online environment offers the opportunity to make the industry more dynamic,” says Jordan, “but there are also some abuses that need to be clearly regulated. With emerging financial products like crypto and NFTs, we need to get a handle on the creation of rules and best practices so that governance for these new products is up to date. That is a conversation that has to take place today. “

The focus is on markets and media regulation when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced over the weekend that the government will be considering introducing legislation to effectively “publish” social media companies and make them accountable for the anonymous “authors” on theirs Making websites.

Scott Morrison said, “The online world offers many great opportunities, but it brings with it some real risks and we must address them or it will continue to have very harmful and corrosive effects on our society, on our community … the rules in place in the real world, must exist in the digital and online world. “

That sounds interesting and will of course be addressed at the conference. With so much going on in the world right now, it sounds like a good time to learn about how technology is evolving and shaping our lives – and most importantly, what we can do to prepare it and thrive.

To register for the free livestream of this conference this Friday at 10 a.m. AEDT, please visit here.

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