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In an unprecedented move, Facebook and Twitter banned President Donald Trump from posting on their platforms on Wednesday after his supporters took the US Capitol by storm.

Twitter banned Trump from his account for 12 hours, saying future violations by Trump could result in a permanent ban. The company requested the removal of three of Trump’s tweets, including a short video calling on these supporters “go home” while also repeating falsehoods about the integrity of the presidential election. Trump’s account has deleted these posts, Twitter said; Had they stayed, Twitter would have threatened to extend its suspension.

Facebook followed suit in the evening, announcing that Trump would not be able to post for 24 hours after violating his guidelines twice. The White House did not respond immediately to the actions.

While some cheered the platforms ‘actions, experts noted that the companies’ actions stemmed from years of fraud and abuse of Trump and his supporters, who spread dangerous misinformation and promote violence that contributed to Wednesday’s violence.

Jennifer Grygiel, a communications professor at Syracuse University and social media expert, said the events in Washington, DC on Wednesday were a direct result of Trump’s use of social media to spread propaganda and disinformation, and that the platforms bear some responsibility for theirs Media should bear inaction.

“That’s what happens” said Grygiel. “We didn’t just see a break in the Capitol. Social media platforms were repeatedly violated by the president. This is disinformation. This was an attempted coup in the United States. “

Grygiel said the platform’s decision to remove the video – and Twitter’s suspension – was too late.

“They’re sneaking towards firmer action,” Said Grygiel and called Trump “Exhibition A” for the need for more regulation of social media. ‘Social media is involved because he has repeatedly used social media to incite violence. It is a culmination of years of propaganda and media abuse by the President of the United States. ‘

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