Soccer followers – share your ardour on TikTok


Shifts, teams, influencers and fans: everyone is looking forward to the biggest soccer competition of the summer, UEFA Euro 2020, and the video sharing network TikTok is the perfect place to share this passion and enthusiasm.

As a football fan, if you thought Tik Tok was just a fun video, think again. It’s a real hub for the sport too, and Tik Tok and Euro 2020 have teamed up for a memorable summer and created a dedicated in-app soccer hub on the discovery page.

Download TikTok to get closer to the action

Download the app and join the conversation. You’ll be in good company: everyone from the English soccer teams (#ThreeLions and #Lionesses are at tiktok / @ england) to Sergio Ramos are already there. The hashtag #football has been viewed over 70 billion times as TikTok is home to great team, player and fan content.

They will show their freestyling skills and help you improve your game. They illustrate what is possible with the beautiful game. Here are some of the best to check out …

Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight is one of the most skilled freestyle footballers in the world – but he’s also a fun guy. Who wouldn’t want Sky Sports professional expert and former Man United and England defender Gary Neville not to look particularly good in football?

Knight gets loads of other laughs too – from transforming into Erling Haaland to dubbing Snoop Dogg about Roberto Carlos after showing off his skills to the Brazilian legend.

Oh, and freestyling in his pants on a main London street …

But it’s his trick shots and wild skills, which he often plays in front of large crowds (remember?) At Premier League games that make him a must-see.

Liv Cooke

She’s also good at sharing her expertise, with some tutorials in basic Akkas for anyone to try …

And Liv also loves fast cars and can often be seen with her white Lamborghini – which makes her account a must for petrol heads and football fans.

Ben Nuttall

The self-proclaimed CEO of Skills is also funny: Experience Ben Nuttall’s parody of the types of Sunday League players – from troublemakers to brilliant show-offs. Or the pain of forgetting your soccer ball. But it’s also great for educational videos – from the biggest soccer rivalries to showcasing how Messi, Ronaldo and Rashford make their best moves.

In addition, he has a world record for most knee catches in 30 seconds.

And check out his flawed parody of how he plays “when my crush is watching” …

Jamie MacDonald

FIFA freestyler Jamie MacDonald is especially good at getting you behind the curtain and showing mere mortals how he does his tricks.

It doesn’t mean you can do them right away, but it certainly is a start.

From its demonstration of the Akka (a cool looking side film) to the secrets of seated juggling, it’s a true masterclass.

MacDonald is also a fantastic communicator about mental health issues, developing self-confidence, and the power of kindness …

… to show that he’s both a great guy and a great freestyler.

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