She’s one of the influential folks on Tiktok and she or he is from Wearside

Evie Field ranks 7th in a table of the biggest influencers on the social media app in the UK. She has 10 million followers and has attracted 275 million likes for her regular posts about her battle with Tourette’s.

It was also placed first in the Voice of Change category.

But the humble Evie is not there because of her celebrity status. Your mission is to destroy the stigma surrounding the syndrome.

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“/>Evie Field, social media influencer, whose pets help her deal with Tourette.Evie Field, social media influencer, whose pets help her deal with Tourette.

She told the Echo, “The community I have built on there is amazing. I’ve met so many friends who also have Tourette’s syndrome and they are friends I will have for life. “

Evie added, “Being number one in the Voice of Change category means so much to me.

“The category is people who are unique, have a disability, and my biggest goal at Tiktok is to raise awareness and break the stigma of Tourettes. So when I come first, I feel like I am really achieve that. “

“And for my best friend Nikki Lilly, finishing second is an amazing thing.”

“/> Evie Field, who is the 7th largest ‘influencer’ on Tiktok in the UK.

Millions of people watched another post by Evie in which she involuntarily hit her head with a rolling pin. It was pain that you just can’t describe, she said afterwards.

Fans have seen her do it repeatedly. She sometimes swears or makes noises she cannot control.

Durham’s Evie described her seventh overall ranking on Tiktok influencers in the UK as “so surreal”. I’ve gained so much in such a short amount of time that all of my followers have really helped me gain more confidence in Tourette Syndrome. “

“/> A thumbs up from Evie, whose health problems have often led her to stay in the hospital.

Evie also has 367,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she posts videos ranging from stacking cups of Tourette to updates on her tics and injuries.

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“/> Evie Field, who took first place at Tiktok in the Voice of Change category.

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