Registration now open for the 2020 Testing and Verification Symposium

The fourth annual Facebook Testing and Verification (TAV) Symposium brings science and industry together in an open environment to exchange ideas and introduce the top experts from the scientific research and practice of testing and verification. The symposium is practically taking place this year and is open to all test and verification practitioners and researchers and is free to attend. Interested parties can submit their registration request below.

RegisterAttendees are invited to attend the event on three days from December 1st to 3rd. On the agenda of the symposium are several lectures, which offer the opportunity for questions and answers via the event platform.

“The TAV Symposium is about bringing communities together: testing and verification, and science and industry,” said Peter O’Hearn, Facebook researcher and professor at University College London. “Speakers include senior academic researchers in TAV as well as people from industry who are using TAV techniques for practicing engineers. Both groups of people set limits on what is known and how TAV techniques can be used to help people. We believe that cross-fertilization of ideas is incredibly valuable and helps us all move forward together. “

At the TAV Symposium 2019, Facebook software engineer Nadia Alshahwan gave a talk about Sapienz tests and shared some of the challenges and solutions her team had with the community. For the 2020 Symposium, she hopes to continue having valuable discussions with the participants. “I can’t wait to see what this year brings,” says Alshahwan. “The TAV symposium enabled my team to discover new collaborations and receive valuable feedback from this diverse audience.”

Below is a list of confirmed speakers, which you can also find on the registration page. Once the speakers are confirmed, they will be added to the registration page ahead of the event.

Confirmed speakers

David Clark (University College London)

David Dill (Novi on Facebook)

Alistair Donaldson (Google; Imperial College London)

Philippa Gardner (Imperial College London)

Mark Harman (Facebook; University College London)

John Hughes (Blase AB; Chalmers University, Gothenburg)

Federica Sarro (University College London)

Bryan O’Sullivan (Facebook)

Sukyoung Ryu (KAIST)

For more information on speakers, including full biographies and topics, visit the registration page.

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To learn more about TAV research on Facebook, watch the TAV-RFP 2018 video and read the summaries of the 2018 TAV Symposium and 2019 TAV Symposium (images below).

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