PSA: Triple J Are Hiring A ‘Tik Tok Host’ & It May Be You

How are you, fellow children?

If you’re a social media fan who’s currently killing it at the Tik Tok game, the national broadcaster may have a dream job just for you.

A new help search ad has just been posted on the ABC careers website promoting a new Triple-J-Tik-Tok host.

The 5-month contract role described as a “rare opportunity for you to create and present videos” as the face of Triple J on TikTok also requires the lucky candidate to “help shape the editorial strategy of Triple J TikTok” in the future.

“We are looking for an experienced developer who knows the specifics of TikTok, is familiar with the trends and has mastered the art of making people laugh in less than 15 seconds,” says the ad.

“You will be informed about the latest developments in the music scene and pop culture, have created great TikTok content in the past and presented it conveniently in front of the camera.

“This project will be based in Sydney and will be shot (full time) from February to June 2021.”

Of course, as part of the recruiting process, you’ll need to give Triple J a squiz on your social networks and create two original Tik Tok videos for the broadcaster, one based on the topic of the hottest 100 and a second based on the topic of your choice.

You have until January 10th to submit your applications. More information can be found here.

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