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The sale of fitness and wellness services is a hugely successful industry on Instagram ™. But how do you stand out and attract your ideal customer to make real sales?

Keep reading this blog post to learn how you can attract your ideal customers when you sell fitness and wellness services on Instagram ™.

In this blog post:

What to consider when selling on Instagram ™

When it comes to getting your ideal customer to sell fitness and wellness services on Instagram ™, leaning against you is really important. There are many brands and companies out there who waste a lot of time, especially if they’re new to Instagram ™ trying to reproduce the look and feel of other accounts.

They are not trying to attract the attention of the 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram ™. Instead, focus on demonstrating the credibility you have in your niche. When you share content that feels authentic to your unique point of view, you will find the followers who want to endorse your brand.

Ready Set Gram Community Members are selling well on Instagram ™

More than ever before, Instagram seems to be full of flashy wellness and fitness accounts. Here are some examples from members of my Ready Set Gram community and how they are using their accounts to attract new customers.

Two-tone training

Shai and Leah Show yourself excited every day to exercise with your Instagram ™ followers. From their travels to healthy favorite recipes to daily training, these powerful sisters always offer added value in their Instagram ™ postings and stories.

Even during COVID, Shai and Leah’s apologetic approach catches the attention of their followers and inspires them to move their bodies.

Lunch during the working week

Another Instagram account that I love to see on my feed is Lunch during the working week. Talia makes sure you have all the information you need to successfully prepare meals. If you’ve ever wondered what containers you need or what versatile meals you need, she has the information you need.

The Work Week Lunch shares an Instagram story with a recipe for carrot and potato fritters.

In addition to sharing the resources on her Instagram ™ feed, Talia always provides a more detailed explanation with her Instagram ™ stories.

Julie Hershk

Next is Julie Hershk. After losing 50 pounds and enjoying her wellness journey, she uses her expertise as a health coach to inspire others. Julie highlights her fitness routine and the inspiration that kept her focused and motivated.

Julie Hershk shares an Instagram story question sticker asking people to come forward if they have any questions about their reset.

For customers looking for a healthy diet guide, Julie consistently uses her Instagram ™ Stories to share her step-by-step recipe instructions.

Forward Kumarsingh

If you’ve ever thought your business was too niche for Instagram ™, this is the place to check out Forward Kumarsingh. Avanti is not only a doctor, but also an Ayurveda wellness expert.

Avanti Kumarsingh shares an Instagram story introducing her new self-improvement course.

Rather than trying to reach people who are already familiar with Ayurveda, Avanti uses their Instagram ™ stories and highlights to ensure everyone understands the principles of their practice and knows how to join.

All of these members of the Ready Set Gram community are in the same fitness and wellness industry, but each has found its own niche. Ultimately, people all feel part of a supportive community.

Here’s how to use strong Calls to Action to spark conversations

If you’re looking to build meaningful relationships with your followers, it’s time to dig deep into your post comments and Instagram ™ Direct Messages. This is where you can start a conversation organically and remind people that there is a real person behind your avatar.

However, if you’re struggling to have a conversation, you may need to use stronger calls-to-action. A call-to-action, also known as CTAs, tells people exactly what to do.

Whether you answer the question on your Instagram ™ post or click the link in your bio, people should never have to guess what you are asking of them.

Some examples of strong, talkative calls to action include:

  • Send me a DM if you’d like me to send you this recipe
  • What is your favorite ingredient in a smoothie right now?
  • Are you training thumbs up or thumbs down today?
  • Are you trying to take a certain number of steps each day?

Do you notice anything about these calls to action? A sales pitch is not associated with any of these examples. The whole “buy my stuff because it’s great” doesn’t work. Instead, focus on connections. In the fitness and wellness industry, people will not sign up for your program or offer unless they are comfortable with you.

Why you should use the Instagram ™ Direct Message Sticker

But what if you have a harder sale and a call to action alone isn’t enough? During these times, it is more effective to express a sense of urgency. Nobody wants FOMO!

Check out how Julie does it with her Instagram ™ Stories. Instead of simply asking people to click a link, she uses the DM Stories sticker to ask people to contact them directly. This is their personal invitation to chat in person and answer any questions they may be hesitant to sign up.

Julie Hershk shares an Instagram Story DM sticker encouraging people to get involved in a one-on-one conversation.

When Julie first used the DM sticker, she got a coaching client within the first 30 minutes. Just make sure the DM sticker is big enough for users to read and use the text tool to add context.

Do you want to improve your Instagram ™ strategy in 2021?

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