Pics and posts you need to keep away from on social media to guard your data

CLEVELAND (WJW) – For many of us, our homes are more than just the place we live. They are digital hubs for our schools, officers, hangouts and more.

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FOX 8’s Joe Toohey went one-on-one with an expert and viral TikTok star for tips on how to make sure your online posts didn’t inadvertently reveal private information.

Cathy Pedrayes’ personal and digital security videos are popular. She became known as “the group’s mother friend” for over 1.5 million followers on TikTok.

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“I’m not the person to say, ‘Black out, live off the grid, never do anything on the internet. “No, I’m the example of someone who does everything on the internet and it’s very public. But just take these extra little steps that will help keep my data safe,” she said.

(For more information on their tips, see the video player above.)

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