Paulo Dybala, Oriana Sabatini TikTok video deleted

Soccer superstar Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini have been censored by TikTok after trying the viral one-arm lift challenge.

The Juventus goalscorer made an attempt to lift Oriana in the air under her thigh as the couple’s two dogs, Kaia and Bowen, watched.

The Argentine model and pop star nearly crashed into kitchen furniture by their boyfriend while the couple tried to mimic the online craze, reports The Sun.

Oriana posted the footage of her botched elevator on Instagram after complaining that it was removed by TikTok censors for inappropriateness.

The footage showed the pretty brunette, also a singer and actress, grabbing her crotch and screaming as she was thrown forward in Paulo’s clumsy attempt to lift her with just his right forearm before making another attempt that failed was filmed.

Oriana, who had to isolate with her soccer friend in March last year after contracting coronavirus, posted the original TikTok video that she later uploaded to Instagram with the message, “TikTok at it again. They deleted that for it to go to Instagram. “

One of their 32,000 fans gave his advice on what the two were doing wrong and said, “The problem is, Paulo’s arm is in the wrong place.

“He’s trying to pick Oriana up with his wrist and has to put his forearm further forward.”

Juventus are reportedly ready to look into offers for the Argentina international, who has only made 16 appearances for Juventus in all competitions this season.

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