‘Papa’ John Schnatter rips unhealthy pizzas on TikTok | Nationwide

(FOX NEWS) – Pizza pioneer “Papa” John Schnatter is not impressed with the cakes his fans showed him on TikTok.

The founder and former CEO and spokesman for his eponymous pizza chain has responded to pictures and videos of not-so-good-looking food from Papa John and others on his popular TikTok account.

“When I said the quality at #PapaJohns has dropped since I left, that’s exactly what I meant,” he wrote in a video about a customer’s burnt pizza. “Inexcusable.”

The video shows a dinner in which some of the blackened pizza they claimed was from Papa John was picked up and pounded against the box it was delivered in.

“Holy s —” said Schnatter in his video. “How are you – you have to try to burn a pizza. This has to be intentional. This has to be planted. This can’t be real life. No!”

In another TikTok, Schnatter jokingly forces himself to cling his heart over a message that shows a pizza disfigured in such a way that it looks like it could have been carried on its side.

“How come?” He said to the video.

The ousted founder has been a vocal critic of Kentucky-based Papa John’s since he was forced to resign in 2018 for using a racist slur on a company call.

Schnatter retained his innocence in this incident, which led to his leaving the company. During an appearance on FOX Business last month, he claimed he was “founded” by members of the company’s board of directors. He said a report by former FBI director Louis Freeh “exonerated” him completely of racism in that corporate call.

Another TikTok shows Schnatter imitating gagging when he reacts to a video of a woman who said that her papa John’s order mistakenly came with the fat-crusted pan under her breadsticks.

“So disappointing to see,” he wrote.

Since leaving Papa Johns, Schnatter has had a respectable following on TikTok, with more than 458,000 followers. His most recent pizza reaction video has seen 1.3 million views to date.

He doesn’t just use the platform to get involved with his previous business. Schnatter has also reacted to other pizza preparations, such as the “Pizza Fried Rice” from another TikToker.

“I will pass,” concludes Schnatter in the video.

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