Overview: I Tried the Viral Stardrops Pink Stuff Cleaner From TikTok

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When I first came across TikTok videos of the product, I was a little confused because it resembled a whipped lotion and looked so different from traditional cleaning products. For reference, I use the spray and scrub method so I was keen to see that a product with a different consistency would be as effective. It also meant a lot to me that the product wasn’t formulated with too many ingredients (it’s made from baking soda, soap, sodium silicate, and quartz). It’s also non-toxic and not tested on animals.

When the pink stuff arrived, I made sure to cook myself a meal that I knew was going to get messy. In my case it was a pan – I always get grease stains on my stove when I make a pan. You can apply the paste with a sponge or cloth, so I used a brand new dish sponge that I had on deck. Most of the videos show people using minimal products. So I dipped the sponge in a small amount and got to work.

Aside from the splatters of fat from my pan, I’ll admit my oven also had some stubborn, stuck-on marks from previous cooking sessions. With a few swabs of the Stardrops cleaner, they were gone – and I mean, completely gone. The best part was that it didn’t take much effort and even my kitchen smelled like fresh berries.

Because I was so impressed, I decided to test it out in my bathroom next. I have simple gray tiles, but sometimes it is difficult to clean between the lines, which makes it one of my least favorite and most frustrating tasks. Again I dipped my sponge into the product and started scrubbing. I was utterly shocked to see that even those hard-to-reach corners were crisp and clean in just a few minutes.

The bigger surprise is that it’s only $ 10. Just while I was debating hiring a professional cleaning service for my kitchen and bathroom, I stumbled upon this ingenious hack while thoughtlessly flipping through TikTok. Let’s just say I couldn’t be happier with my decision to buy the cleaning paste, and it is really worth the hype.

Amazon buyers also understand the buzz so much that it is now the top bestselling all-purpose household cleaner on the site. “Oh my god – this stuff is a life changer!” One reviewer wrote. “[I] I used it to totally clean my fiberglass shower. Nothing else would do it, and this stuff brought my shower back to almost new levels in one use. ”

Another, who announced that his stove and oven went off the fire alarm every time they cooked, also saw success with the Pink Stuff. “No product (organic or chemical) can completely purify them, except [for] this stuff, ”they wrote. “I was ready to buy a brand new stove because I couldn’t take it. I just went on a cleaning spree and used it to remove the rust on my sink, markers from a dresser (damn kids), [and] Grout in the bathroom. “

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