Outback Steakhouse regulars will not wish to see this viral TikTok

A video uploaded by an Outback Steakhouse chef is taking TikTok by storm as users talk about the state of the restaurant’s grill in the comments.

The Outback Steakhouse is a popular Australian eatery that specializes in vittles like the Bloomin ‘Onion Burger, steamed lobster tails, and of course, steak.

While the eatery is a popular spot for many diners, the chain comes under fire after a chef at one of the steakhouse locations uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of his daily job on TikTok.

The 14-second clip shows another worker taking care of grilled food – your usual prawns on the barbie and a couple of steaks. Nothing too rude, is it?

Wikimedia Commons: Mike Mozart, Funny YouTube, USAThe Outback Steakhouse is a casual Australian chain of restaurants.

However, the camera pans to the left shortly afterwards and shows a grill encrusted with blackened fat before turning back to the other kitchen workers who go about their work day.

The video, titled “Getting Whopped on a Monday” (and appropriately set to Tyga’s “Taste”) quickly received over 50,000 views … but not for positive reasons.

@ dirtdawg420Round two in this biaaaaahhh .. #outbacksteakhouse #gettingwhooped #grillcooking # grillcook ♬ taste – Tyga

Viral Outback Steakhouse TikTok sparked online debate

Commentators spoke of the cleanliness of the kitchen – or its lack of it, with many disgusted by the condition of the greasy grill.

“That makes me never want to eat out,” wrote one user, as the Daily Dot reported for the first time.

“I heard that if you saw what the kitchen looks like in restaurants, you wouldn’t be eating,” said another.

Other commentators defended the restaurant, however, with one user responding, “Many of you have never been to a commercial kitchen and it shows.”

Outback steakhouse debate goes viral

Unsplash.com: iman zakerOutback Steakhouse’s steaks look a little less appealing to some users after a chef uploaded a TikTok behind the scenes of their daily chores.

The original TikTok has since been deleted, although it was re-uploaded by another user on the platform.

The Daily Dot has reached out to both TikToker and the restaurant for a comment, which at the time of writing have not yet responded.

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