Ottawa police investigating their very own after TikTok video posted

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Ottawa Police are investigating two officers after a video posted on TikTok allegedly recorded audio of them in tagged cruisers laughing at beating someone up.

“We take this issue very seriously as it may undermine public confidence in the Ottawa Police Service,” said Const. Amy Gagnon said.

So serious that they are investigating even though no formal complaint has been filed. The department’s professional standards department is investigating and wants anyone with information to call them at 613-236-1222 (extension). 5830

The video published on TikTok is said to capture two officers parked next to each other and speaking through their driver’s side window. The sound is difficult to hear, but the TikTok user posted alleged excerpts from the conversation in which officers allegedly laughed at an alleged police spanking.

“So we come down there and beat him out. The police in Ottawa laugh at the brutality of the police, ”wrote the TikTok user.

The video was taped on York Street on December 20 at 12:20 a.m., according to TikTok Post, which contained the unit numbers of both Ottawa police cruisers.

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