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When it comes to viral short video content, TikTok comes first. The app has cemented its relevance in cultural conversation as it claims top content and TikTok dances even determine the success of pop hits (you learned the WAP dance this year, don’t lie!). However, many of us elders remember a different type of short video platform.

TikTok was released back in 2016, the exact year that Twitter announced it would turn off all Vine uploads. This was the beginning of the end of the app. Do you remember vine It was like TikTok, but. . . different?

What was it about Vine that made people so excited, intrigued, or mesmerized that they saw hours-long compilations of seconds-long Vine videos on YouTube? Vine started the trend of short-form dance videos and staged conversations with two characters played by the same person. However, some sort of video was uploaded to the app that was typical of Vine.

Classic Vine videos have something special about them, like “They were roommates”, “Two brothers chilling in a hot tub”, or “Look at all those chickens” that show a slice of life that is downright weird. Whether a Vine video captured a moment at the right time or someone was “doing it for the vine,” there was less usage on Vine videos and certainly less production value in the videos.

These types of videos were developed with TikTok, but the new app still has some videos that shimmer with the magic of Vine and remind us of our favorite videos from the defunct app. Here are some of our favorite TikTok videos to download.

@ emma.cxmpbell

In this phase, an animal TikTok fan account #fyp #animal #lion #lioness #foryoupage #safari

♬ Such a Whore (Baddest Remix) – JVLA

Wild life

The user emma.cxmpbell gives us a simple piece of life video with an unusual event: a lion strutting through two rows of cars and a soundtrack to boot.


Dinky # foru #animal #cuteness #nature #chipmunk

♬ Original sound – Chipmunksoftiktok

Chipmunksoftiktok met us with another classic animal TikTok this year and reminded viewers of uncomplicated vines. You can download this and send it to anyone who wants to laugh. Who doesn’t want a good face-filled chipmunk named Dinky?

@ jm1tchell

Bring this trend back #fyp #highschool #invisibleboxchallenge #foryou

♬ Original sound – Tiguelmoon

To work from home

User jm1tchell gives us a TikTok dance video that lacks the complicated choreography of a trend dance. Simple, impressive, and almost certainly shot in his mother’s living room; Very Vine, well worth a download.

@ patrickhanson17

#trickshot #pingpong #sports #rubegoldberg #fyp #foryoupage #starwars #grogu # quarantine #mando

♬ Original sound – Patrick Hanson

Part of the charm of many old Vine videos is that they are the result of boredom at home. Nowhere is this more evident than in Patrickhanson17’s elaborate ball path video.

Celebrities in 2020 pic.twitter.com/PnYNLAHSz1

– Michael Benjamin (@mfbenji) December 10, 2020

Twitter user mfbenji shows us that all you need is a laptop with a crappy green screen feature to make big laughs in the age of TikTok. The subject here certainly couldn’t be used in Vine’s time, but the method is all Vine. Mfbenji takes the celebrities down a bit and even gives us a little melody at the end.


♬ small bite – yes $$ min


The user kathrinarebosa needs a shot of insulin from this cute clip of her obedient pup (we don’t know whether to laugh or sob!). Download to see again and again.


#TikTok Daengnyang Association Various methods of conjuring the fly ~ #Misoara #Pet #foryou # fyp # woah

♬ Original sound – Misoara MISO_ARA – Misoara MISO_ARA

User miso_ara gave us one of the most popular TikTok videos of 2020 with her music synced puppy video. The clip stays simple and fun, just like the vines from before, as we’re excited to see if the puppy will fit into its owner’s various hand shapes.

– –

Vine may be gone, but videos that remind us of forgotten times are here to stay. As long as TikTok continues to march, videos will continue to pop up, transporting us back to a time when we all couldn’t get rid of the impulse to “do it for the vine!”

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