‘Not that cute’ – Boutique’s electronic mail about job applicant’s seems to be will get viral TikTok response

A local boutique publicly apologizes for a potential employee who received an email from one of the owners saying she was “not that cute”. That harsh criticism of her appearance has now gone viral in a video of her on TikTok.

The boutique owner’s email error about the applicant’s appearance goes viral

A local boutique publicly apologizes for a potential employee who received an email from one of the owners saying she wasn’t that cute.

“I apologize for something I did yesterday,” boutique owner Chuck DeGrendel said on a Facebook live video.

It might be too late for Degrendel to apologize. He is Vice President of Operations at Ava Lane Boutique in Auburn Hills and also happens to be the owner’s husband.

It all started when 21-year-old Gracie Lorincz applied for a position as a brand representative.

But instead of sending his reply back to his wife, the owner, Degrendel sent it back to Gracie, which read, “This girl is fresh out of college and not so cute. She applied for the position as a sales model her? “

“And her motto is beauty through confidence and this is the email I got from the VP,” Gracie said in a TikTok video – where she gave her answer. This video has now gone viral.

“Not so cute, not so cute, okay …” she said in the video.

“She was embarrassed, she felt awful,” said Heather Lorincz, her mother.

Heather Lorincz says her heart was broken for her daughter, who was crushed after receiving the offensive email.

“She’s a cute kid, she’s not an attention eater, she’s not a social media personality and didn’t expect what became of it,” she said.

Gracie’s TikTok apparently struck a chord with thousands of people who didn’t have the friendliest things to say to the owners of Ava Lane boutique – online and over the phone.

In response, Chuck Degrendel posted a tearful apology on Facebook Live.

“And I didn’t think she was that cute,” he said. “So I didn’t know if I wanted to go on with an interview. I don’t know why I said that, but I did and I’m very sorry that I said that.”

Gracie Lorincz’s TikTok response to an email accidentally sent criticizing her appearance has gone viral.

Both Chuck Degrendel and his wife Laura may have burst into tears during the Facebook live video. But Heather Lorincz says she wasn’t convinced it had the right reasons, especially since it was never directed to her daughter.

“I don’t want this woman’s business to suffer,” said Heather Lorincz. “Not me, but I think my daughter deserves a real apology, not Facebook Live.”

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