No, Govt Hasn’t Allowed Pharmacists To Open Clinics & Prescribe Medicines

Many people on social media share a newspaper clipping with the headline, “How Doctors Can Pharmacists Open Clinics Now”. (Which translates to English as “Pharmacists can also open clinics like doctors”.)

Posted by Seth Vishambhar Nath College on Thursday 31st Dec 2020

Now pharmacists can also open clinics like doctors

Posted by Meerut Report on Friday December 25th, 2020

The post is viral on Facebook.


Pharmacists can also open clinics like doctors.

Fact check:

If you look closely, the line of the article is attributed to Janwani Reporter, Meerut.

We searched for the article and found that it was published by the daily ‘Dainik Janwani’ on December 26, 2020. The article traced the information back to Regulation of the Pharmacy Act 2015. The archive of the news report can be found here.

We searched for and read the Pharmacy Practice Regulation 2015 and found no clause that gives pharmacists the opportunity to open their clinics. While the law allows registered pharmacists to provide drug counseling to patients who approach them. Drug counseling includes the following roles and responsibilities:

(i) Name and description of the medicinal products

(ii) dosage form, dose, route of administration and duration of drug therapy

(iii) Purpose of the medicinal product and expected effect

(iv) Special instructions and precautions for the medicinal product

(v) common serious side effects or side effects or interactions and therapeutic contraindications that may arise, including how to avoid them, and what action to take if they occur;

(vi) Self-monitoring drug therapy techniques

(vii) Proper storage of medicines

(viii) Information on Refilling Prescriptions

(ix) Actions to be taken in the event of a missed dose

(x) ensuring rational drug use

Drug counseling cannot be offered by pharmacists if the patient or his participant refuses.

We also noted that the Pharmacy Council of India has issued a regulation clarifying that there is no provision for a pharmacist to open a clinic under the Pharmacy Practice Regulation, 2015.

PIB Fact Check also denied the viral claim in a tweet. The tweet says, “This claim is false. There is no provision for opening clinics to pharmacists under the Pharmacy Act and Pharmacy Practice Rules.” (Which translates into English: “The claim is wrong. Under the rules of the Pharmacy Regulation and the Pharmacy Practice Act, no pharmacist has been given the opportunity to open a clinic.”)

Claim: A news article claims that pharmacists can now open clinics like doctors. # PIBFactCheck: This claim is wrong. According to the Pharmacy Act and the rules for pharmacy practice, there are no plans to open clinics for pharmacists.

– PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) December 30, 2020

Hence the viral claim is fake.

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