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About a month ago, the New Mexico State Police opened a TikTok account. Last week the agency released its first video of an officer preparing for work.

Byanca Castro, a strip cop from Las Vegas, has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

The New Mexico State Police recently released their first TikTok video, one of officer Byanca Castro preparing for work. (Source: New Mexico State Police’s Tiktok page)

Carolyn Huynh, NMSP deputy chief executive officer, told Sun News that the purpose of the agency’s TikTok account is to show the community what it’s like to be an NMSP chairperson and to encourage people to sign up for the academies to apply.

Huynh said they plan to post a new video on TikTok every week. The popular social media app hosts videos less than a minute in length.

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“It will just be the other life of a state cop. You will show an officer how to handle a call and deal with various situations – because we want the communities to know what we are actually doing and also just humanize the officers that we are not just these strict individuals to whom we are can’t approach, ”she said.

Policemen, Huynh said, are very approachable. They’re human, like everyone else, and that’s what they really want the community to understand, she said.

bright spotMany NMSP officials have embraced the idea of ​​producing these videos, she said.

“It was very positive,” said Huynh of the reaction so far. “We get a lot (good feedback from officers). It is time we looked at the time, that we “get it done” with the program because it really is – it’s this young day and age and they expect to see us out there. They want a voice for us, so this was essentially a voice for state cops. “

In addition to TikTok, NMSP has accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will also have a new website soon.

Huynh said it was fun watching her TikTok video as an audience grows.

“Just overnight we had almost 100,000 views and there are currently over 420,000 views and we have over … 40,000 likes. It is definitely amazing. It’s definitely a milestone for us, ”she said.

The idea for creating the TikTok account came from the NMSP Community Engagement Recruiting Group, whose job it is to come up with creative ideas based on the NMSP goals.

“One of the sergeants made it up, and one of the goals is that we definitely want to recruit more qualified women,” she said. “That’s why he made it his business to show a policewoman how to get ready.”

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