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GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – Portable toilets are the latest addition to the Nevada Union High School campus after a viral TikTok challenge rendered some of the school’s bathrooms unusable.

Four Porta potties are located near the center of the campus that are bolted to the floor after two toilets were closed for construction through January.

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According to NUHS director Kelly Rhoden, the damage to the toilets is due to a TikTok trend that includes the hashtag #deviouslick or #deviouslicks. As part of the video, students damage, steal, record, and post school property on social media.

TikTok told NPR in a September statement that it is removing content with the hashtag and redirecting search results to its community standards.

Now, months after the trend was first noticed on social media, the consequences can be seen in four Porta pots on the NUHS campus. The school, with 1,500 students and 200 employees, needed more bathrooms than two closed for construction.

“It’s money we could have spent on other things to support students in different ways,” said Rhoden.

She said the damage was caused by “a small number” of students, not the majority, but the consequences affect everyone. A third bathroom was damaged but was quickly repaired and reopened. The extent of the damage in the remaining bathrooms and the lack of staff have extended the construction period.

“It was all super difficult to understand because we have so many great students,” said Rhoden.

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Damage at NUHS included toilet paper being pushed into toilets, paper towel dispensers and mirrors being torn from walls and then broken. According to Rhoden, the criminal offenses include criminal and legal consequences.

“Our first means of intervention is to find out why and what we can do to help them,” said Rhoden.

Rhoden said conversation is most important, but college students who commit the vandalism face fines, family reunions, law enforcement involvement and possibly legal proceedings.

Nevada County’s District Attorney Jesse Wilson said the ultimate goal is to keep teens out of the criminal justice system and instead reassess short-term decisions for long-term success.

“The impact it has on others, the impact it has on the community, more importantly, changing the perspective of decision-making about what kind of person they want to advance,” said Wilson.

Rhoden said the Nevada Joint Union High School District reported that restoring toilets across the district could cost up to $ 100,000.

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The two baths under construction are to be reopened after the holidays in January.

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