Native trainer’s use of TikTok to achieve college students earns shoutout from Gov. Cooper – WSOC TV

SALISBURY, NC – Felicia Young’s creative use of TikTok during the pandemic earned her greetings from Governor Roy Cooper.

Young teaches 6th grade at Knox Middle School – a title school in Salisbury.

She told Channel 9’s Tina Terry that she loved to dance and sing, but her main passion is teaching math to young people – something that has become a challenge during the pandemic.

“I’ve had a good 25-30% of my students who didn’t show up virtually,” she said.

So Young started using TikTok to teach math to her students.

Cooper praised Young’s creativity during his state of the art speech and urged school principals to address the issues exposed by the pandemic.

“One thing that this pandemic has left open is the inequalities that are already there – the critical need to strengthen our public schools,” he said.

Young said some of those inequalities are the large numbers of students with no access to WiFi and the number of students with working parents who are forced to be more independent and even care for their siblings.

“I was one of the students who also had to babysit during my virtual days, so it was pretty difficult to make sure I got my job done and turned it in on time,” said one student.

Now Young says that many students across the state who have fallen behind have to catch up, which will no doubt take up some of the creativity she has shown, but she says that this is also the help of the state and the compassion of the Will require educators.

“My students know that I would do anything for them,” she said. “I start on the first day and let them know that I am there for them.”

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