Natalie Mordovtseva and Geoffrey Paschel Movie a ‘Romantic’ TikTok Collectively

After her failed marriage to Mike Youngquist, Ukraine-born 90-day fiancé Natalie Mordovtseva recently teamed up with another 90-day fiancé villain, Geoffrey Paschel, to create a teasing TikTok that hinted that it was an object. TLC’s 90-day fiancé fans stepped in to talk about Natalie and Geoffrey’s TikTok on social media.

Natalie and Geoffrey pretended to run into each other in a TikTok recently

Since breaking up with Mike, Natalie has used social media to share everything from cooking videos on YouTube to glamorous selfies and promises of an upcoming scrapbook on Instagram. Geoffrey, who dated Varya Malina from Russia (and may or may not still be with her) also hooked up with fans on social media – and even shared behind-the-scenes glimpses of his time at the 90-day fiancé.

As an April Fool’s joke, both Natalie and Geoffrey shared a video on Instagram and TikTok in which they faked a relationship with each other. Geoffrey titled his video “Just You, Natalie”.

When the video started, Natalie and Geoffrey appeared to be running from afar into the waiting arms against a romantic soundtrack. But the potential lovebirds actually hugged a tree (Natalie) and a dog (Geoffrey) instead of each other.

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The fans of ’90 Day Fiancé ‘reacted mixedly to the video

Around 90-day fiancé fans seemed to buy the prank hook, string, and sinker. After all, anything can happen in the 90 Day Fiancé Universe.

“Wait, are you hot for Natalie ?!” exclaimed a fan in disbelief in the comments.

“Omg are you together?” another interfered.

Others wondered what it would be like if Natalie and Geoffrey actually had a relationship. Some even were for it.

“Yes, you two should get together and make adorable babies !!” A 90 day fiancé fan wrote.

“Take her on a date!” Another Instagram user was added.

“You definitely have something for the European women,” emphasized another fan.

Still others just thought that the two TLC stars, both of whom saw their share of hatred and criticism on the show, were showing their shared sense of humor and willingness to laugh at themselves.

“Haha, I love this so much,” wrote one commentator. “You both deserve a nice happy ending. Even if it’s not each other. “

Of course, some 90-day fiancé fans got involved with negative comments on the TLC stars in response to their April Fool’s joke.

“Any man who comes with you is a fool, Natalie,” wrote one reviewer.

Another 90 Day Fiancé fan commented, “Don’t follow [Natalie]! She is the devil. “

But Geoffrey, who was always more than ready to defend himself against criticism online, replied, “Wait, wait… what am I then? I thought I was the devil incarnated. “

When another fan urged Geoffrey not to worry about the opinions of the critics, suggesting they were just “judgmental people,” he agreed that their negative comments were just a “reflection” of them.

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