Musician begins TikTok the place he covers songs as Eric Cartman

It would probably be too warm to wear a red parka indoors.It would probably be too warm to wear a red parka while playing indoors. Screenshot: Fernando Ufret

Fernando Ufret is a guitarist and singer who has decided that when he starts, he can best use his talents a TikTok account where he covers songs as South Parkis Eric Cartman. Instead of wondering why he’s getting involved in something like this, we suggest simply listen to him play Linkin Park’s “In The End” for an easier answer.

Ufret has obviously stumbled upon something here and, knowing the potency of his discovery, is trying to take full advantage of it. Aside from his Linkin Park tribute, Ufret / Cartman recorded himself by playing songs like Madonnas (and sprinkling in liberal “your boys” ad libs). “Material girl”, Green day “Goodbye forever,” the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Other side,” and Kansas’ “Dust in the wind.” (That should go without saying he is listed Styx’s “Come on, sail off,” also.)

About on his YouTube pageHowever, Ufret is much more serious. He plays covers without doing a cartoon character voice, showing that he can sing with a real human voice that sounds to like these:

While both versions of his social media presence complement each other well, Ufret seems determined to keep his TikTok as a purely Cartman-centric zone. When asked if his South Park covers will really make up his entire channel, Ufret says answered by filming himself looking into a camera and saying in the imitation: “Hell yeah, this will be my whole channel, damn it”.

Good for him, we say. In 2021, such a gimmick is likely the second best way to take a break from show business after, for example, inventing a shuffling South Park TikTok dance that manages to go viral.

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