Months Earlier than His Loss of life, Bob Saget Used TikTok To Pay Tribute To His Most Well-known Position

Bob Saget became an active creator on TikTok shortly before his heartbreaking death. He wasn’t afraid to jump into all of the trends, including lip-syncing to a popular Lizzo song, via Bustle. His performance caught the singer’s attention and she responded in the best way. She shared the video and titled it “You Got It, Dude” to pay tribute to his TV daughter’s signature catchphrase.

Saget didn’t just use the popular platform to get in touch with Lizzo. His report featured several recaps of his time on “Full House,” including a cute video flashback of him taking the stage with young Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen during the Emmy Awards (via TikTok).

In April 2021 Saget posted a TikTok that all “Full House” fans love. He subtitled the video “Love going home again #FullHouse,” in which he sat in front of San Francisco’s special Painted Lady homes while the show’s infamous theme song played in the background. It was a sincere tribute to the show that made him America’s father.

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