Minnesota GOP governor candidate Scott Jensen faraway from TikTok

A Republican running for governor of Minnesota was removed from TikTok after complaints of “community violations” were made in his viral posts about the pandemic.

The scenery: Scott Jensen, a former senator whose criticism of the government’s COVID-19 response drew national attention, had amassed more than 280,000 followers since joining the platform last month. He said his posts were viewed a hundred thousand times a day.

  • Remarkable: Jensen, who appeared to be one of the most-visited politicians in the nation on TikTok, told Axios he hoped the platform would help him connect with millennials.

What he says: In a video posted to Twitter late Thursday, Jensen said posts criticizing a controversial “60-minute” story about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were discontinued before saying “without explanation permanently banned “.

  • He told Axios that several previous spots had been marked but that he had appealed these decisions.
  • “It’s really quite confusing but it sure feels like being canceled, “he said on his video.

The other side: A TikTok spokesperson confirmed the account was removed and said Jensen’s posts violated community guidelines on misinformation related to COVID-19.

Between the lines: The GP received numerous online follow-ups – and backlash – for his previous statements about COVID-19, including comments alleging possible inflated fatalities.

  • A complaint against his medical license based on these comments was investigated and dismissed by state regulators last year.
  • Jensen said he had written nothing about COVID-19 or vaccines in the past 24 hours and did not remember if posts related to the pandemic were among those that sparked allegations of violations in the past.

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