Meet the startups from the Fb Accelerator: Commerce program

In today’s world of pandemics, businesses of all sizes are adapting to selling online. Commerce is a long-term priority for Facebook, and we’ve made significant strategic investments in this space over the past few years. In 2020 we saw accelerated growth and innovation in this space, prompting us to launch our newest program for startups, Facebook Accelerator: Commerce. Through the Facebook Accelerator: Commerce program, our mission is to ensure that all businesses – from entrepreneurs to established brands – have the tools they need to connect with customers and make online shopping a seamless one Experience.

Within three months, we are bringing together innovative retail startups in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America to create a uniform shopping experience for all Facebook apps. Throughout the virtual program, selected startups will have access to a dedicated Facebook mentor, extensive training, Facebook’s product and technology suite, and a valuable network of product experts and co-founders to connect with.

Today we are happy to announce the startups invited to participate in the Facebook Accelerator: Commerce program. Each of these startups submitted applications and were evaluated by an international panel of Facebook and product experts. You were selected to have a product that focuses on increasing customer value, diverse and focused leadership teams, breakthrough technology, or research and evidence of business growth.

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Facebook Accelerator: Commerce 2020 startups include:

  • Botme (Egypt), a platform for creating chatbots for commerce that allows small and medium-sized businesses to create chatbots and publish them on Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • BoxCommerce (South Africa), a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to build e-commerce websites, payments and logistics in emerging markets.
  • Brandquad (France), an AI-based product content management platform that can be used to centralize and harmonize product data.
  • Convertedin (Egypt), an ad automation platform for retailers and e-commerce companies.
  • Digiduka (Kenya), which helps informal retailers (kiosks) in Africa to access digital inventory and process digital payments easily and inexpensively.
  • Dream Agility (UK), an award-winning AI company with proprietary visual AI and machine learning specializing in retail.
  • Easysize (Denmark) helps online fashion stores increase conversion to sales and reduce ROI by recommending the right size to their customers.
  • FeedGeni (Ghana), a product feed generator that helps online retailers increase the visibility and sales of products by listing their products in shopping machines.
  • FeedSpark (UK), an award-winning product feed optimization and e-commerce automation platform that helps brands, retailers and digital agencies improve performance through online channels worldwide.
  • Flowbox (Sweden) provides a visual marketing platform that allows brands to use and distribute social content throughout the buyer’s journey to drive engagement, social proof and sales.
  • Intelligent Reach (UK) helps brands, retailers and their digital agencies increase sales by optimizing data feeds, experimenting with content and managing markets.
  • MindBehind (Turkey), an enterprise conversation platform that enables the interface between AI and messaging to create intelligent, automated, on-demand response flows through one-on-one conversations in any messaging channel.
  • NearSt (UK), a retail technology company building the global source of local real-time inventory.
  • OkHi (Kenya) is building the next generation address system. This system will unlock trading through improved logistics and improve access to finance through better personal identification.
  • (Turkey), a payment solution that enables social sellers to accept payments via messaging apps.
  • Save Your Wardrobe (UK), a digital cloakroom management platform.
  • ShoppingFeeder (South Africa), a leading platform for feed management and multi-channel marketing for online shops.
  • Smiirl (France) helps companies raise awareness and increase social media engagement within their point of sale.
  • UENI (UK) helps companies get online and find the services and tools they need to be successful.
  • WakeupData (Denmark) helps e-commerce companies automate, optimize and amplify product data through high-quality data integrations and maximize ROI without the need for developers.
  • WideBot (Egypt) enables companies to create intelligent, AI-enabled chatbots that speak both formal and informal Middle Eastern languages

In Latin America, Facebook Accelerator: Commerce 2020 startups include:

  • Bling (Brazil), a management system that helps small businesses stay organized.
  • Cliengo (Argentina), a sales and marketing automation that helps companies scale.
  • Cuanto (Panama), a shopping platform that enables companies to sell online in seconds.
  • Digitalk (Brazil), an AI that transforms contact centers into an automated 360 ° process.
  • FullJaus (Argentina), a central place where companies can control their online shop in the digital market.
  • Kyte (Brazil), a shopping platform that enables companies to manage their point of sale for local and online orders.
  • MarketUp (Brazil), a free management system that enables companies to differentiate themselves from the market.
  • Olist (Brazil), an e-commerce website that connects companies and their products to major marketplaces.
  • OmniChat (Brazil), a chat and service management solution that enables companies to turn WhatsApp into a sales channel.
  • (Brazil), an e-commerce integrator that enables companies to sell on major online marketplaces.
  • ShowKase (Brazil), a purchasing platform that companies can use to digitize their business.
  • (Colombia), an automated solution for all WhatsApp business needs.
  • Unbox (Brazil), an online sales solution that enables branded SMBs to start selling online and increasing their sales in less than 5 minutes.
  • VendaMaisM (Brazil), a portal for sales management and training.
  • Vendora, Mexico, a social commerce company dedicated to helping businesses.

Facebook Accelerator: Commerce is operated in cooperation with Plug and Play, an open innovation platform with over 1,450 accelerated startups in the last year alone and over 400 partners. With 250 investments in 2019, Plug and Play is also the second most active VC worldwide in the early-stage segment. Today, Plug and Play is represented in more than 30 cities, including America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The program will officially start on November 12, 2020. From then on, startups will connect with Facebook trading professionals and begin their journey of building solutions on trading platforms that billions of people around the world can use and benefit from. Congratulations to the 36 startups that will join Facebook Accelerator: Commerce in 2020!

To participate in a future Facebook Accelerator program, visit and follow @FacebookforStartups.

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