Meet the Sheboygan TikTok Cops

SHEBOYGAN – Police officers Kevin Post and Israel Deutsch take a fun and innovative approach to connecting with their community.

The two Beat Cops make stupid yet informative videos on the popular social media site TikTok. The platform is extremely popular with Gen Z, where people share quick videos with music.

“So we’re trying to reach the next generation,” said Officer Kevin Post, who patrols Sheboygans north side.

The aim is to connect with a younger generation that is often more difficult to reach. That’s why these cops are meeting these young adults on TikTok where they are already.

“How to reach out to younger kids and connect or relate to middle school and high school kids. And that makes it difficult because they’re all into electronics and a lot of them play video games and stuff. So TikTok is a good platform to reach out to and build connections, “said Officer Israel German, who patrols Sheboygans south side.

According to the digital marketing agency, Omnicoreagency, 41 percent of the 800 million users were between 16 and 24 years old in February 2020.

“The sooner we start building positive relationships, the more we can build on them as they continue to age and continue to work with us,” said Post.

It is also more relevant than traditional methods. The videos they make are short, fun, and usually contain relatively modern pop culture references.

“Our ultimate goal is again to create a fun environment in which a message that is important to you is received, and not just words and business progress,” said the German.

Since this is a story about TikTok, TMJ4 news reporter James Groh had to make a video with them. You can see it here:


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This is by no means a full time job. They try to put out a video every week or so. If that doesn’t happen, they aren’t too worried either.

Besides, they don’t have much control over it. Your bosses trust them to produce appropriate and good content. However, since then, many more Sheboygan cops have downloaded TikTok.

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