Meet the girl whose record-breaking mouth gape went viral on TikTok

If you’ve ever scrolled through TikTok and encountered a woman with style, a sense of humor, and an incredibly big mouth, you have most likely come across Guinness World Records title holder Samantha Ramsdell.

The 31-year-old Connecticut resident is every dentist’s dream.


With a larger than life mouth that expands to a massive 6.52 cm, she was confirmed to be the worldwide largest mouth opening (female) after going viral on TikTok for her sizeable jaw.

According to Sam, “the kids at TikTok” were convinced she had a world record mouth after stretching it in one of her videos and encouraged them to pursue the record.


While many online users were sure she had the record, there was only one way to officially verify it.

We recently met Sam at her local dental office in South Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, in the presence of an official judge to measure her view of the Guinness World Records title.

Dr. Elke Cheung used digital calipers to calculate the length and width of Sam’s mouth to determine its maximum elongation. Biggest-mouth-gaping-record-holder-Sam-Ramsdell-has-mouth-gaping-measured by the dentist

After all the measurements were taken, Juror Spencer Cammarano averaged the data to confirm the final record total.

“I’m 31 and to be able to get a record for something that I was really so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small, it’s great because it’s one of the biggest and best things about me now is.”


From a young age, Sam knew she had a big mouth – her huge smile is clearly evident in all of her childhood photos!

Since no one in her family had a mouth as big as hers, it eventually became a unique feature of her personality.


As she was growing up, she was often bullied and ridiculed by other children, including being called “Big Bass Mouth”.

But over time, her mouth became a quality she learned to love and accept, and now she hopes to inspire others to embrace the parts of themselves that make up true individuals.

“If I had some advice for anyone who has a large body part or something really unique and wants to go for the Guinness World Records title, I would say go for it! Make it proud and make it your greatest asset. It’s your superpower, it’s something that makes you special and different from everyone else walking around. “

How big is Sam’s mouth really? Well, we compared some everyday objects with their enormous foresight and found that they can put almost a whole green apple in their mouth, bite through four individual stacked cheeseburgers, and fit a whole large french fry in their mouth!


One of the places to see some of her foodie feats is on her TikTok account, which she launched during the pandemic last year for a creative outlet.

“At first I thought, well … am I too old for TikTok? But it was the only thing I could do at the moment to keep myself busy and creative, so I started singing, some of my comedy stuff, and I made a comedy video that was that crazy face and the kids at TikTok said, ‘What happened to your face ?!’ ”

In the beginning, Sam tried to find her content style. But when she revealed her big mouth, her account took off as she incorporated that into her videos – and now she proudly has 1.7 million followers!

Sam has even duetted videos on TikTok with Isaac Johnson, who holds the male version of her title.


Now Sam’s Gape is an integral part of her TikTok sketch, a platform she uses to pursue her ambition to become a performer and comedian.

“My mouth set me apart from the other millions of comedians, singers and all these other creators. I never thought it would be possible to be this famous, but it’s amazing. It’s really very cool. ”


She hopes to one day have her own show and use her humor, wit and singing as part of her routine.

“You know, getting a Guinness World Records title is finally almost able to show some of the tyrants or people who doubted or tormented me that hey – I have a big mouth, but at least I have I am the largest in the world. “!”

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