Meet 6 of Vancouver’s prime Asian Canadian TikTok creators

May is the month of Asian Heritage in Canada. As pretty much anyone who has spent time in Vancouver knows, Asian heritage is inextricably linked to all of BC history.

Today, Asian Canadians present and celebrate their cultures and identities in a variety of ways– one of them through TikTok videos.

With the theme for this year’s Asian Heritage Month “Recognition, Resilience, and Determination,” we’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s top content creators who entertain, inform, inspire, and generally kill the TikTok game with their work – be it through comedy, recipes, art, a glimpse into their family life, or taking followers on restaurant tours of Vancouver.

Scroll down the list below to get to know them!

1. @yoleendadong

Yes, this hilarious digital creator, whom you’ve probably seen hundreds of times on your FYP, often greets viewers with a “Hello my friends!” is based here on the lower mainland. Linda Dong’s success story is that of another Vancouverite who made TikTok famous during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, she has amassed an impressive 14.7 million TikTok followers and 931,000 Instagram followers with her equally funny and wise parodies of dating, family and life as a millennial.

It’s not Dong’s first contact with social media. Dong started a YouTube channel, LeendaDProductions, in November 2011, which eventually grew to over 1 million subscribers and millions of views.

@ yoleendadong

Tag a friend 😂 go undercover like 🥸 #undercover #golf #golfing #girlswhogolf #golfgirl #exesbelike

♬ Original sound – Brayden & Caden@ yoleendadong

I always google and look at reviews to get a good boba

♬ Original sound – LeendaDong@ yoleendadong

LOLLLL my mother doesn’t like it when I wear sweat, are your parents like that too? # Sweat # sweatpants #asianmomsbelike #moms

♬ Garbarge Rhat – Owen@ yoleendadong

Focus on yourself and boys come like milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

♬ How to get a boy’s attention – LeendaDong @ yoleendadong

What I had for lunch: Vietnamese Chicken Pho (Chicken Noodle Soup) ☺️🍲. What did you have today ☺️ #pho #vietnamesepho #chickenpho #phodacbiet

♬ Original sound – LeendaDong

2. @andreebonifacioo

Andree ‘AC’ Bonifacio has played on the Ellen Show (twice) and on stage with Ariana Grande. Now the dancer takes over TikTok. To date, she has brought together 5 million followers who stay tuned to her – you guessed it – dance videos. It’s also easy to take inspiration from her ever-on-trend sense of style.


yaaa girl representing the 🇵🇭 !! It’s your turn @aiki_kr @ruhatenizo 🤩 #GoingDumb

♬ Getting stupid (with stray kids) – Alesso & CORSAK & Stray kids @ andreebonifacioo

napapa fullout ako ditto @renzjanuz

♬ Talkin ‘Bout (feat.Saweetie) – Loui @ andreebonifacioo

Riverdale ep today !!! You may see a familiar face :))

♬ Wale – lotus flower bomb (feat. Miguel) – royce🌴 @ andreebonifacioo

#duet with @ jonny.perl currently 02:27 am obsessed with this song

♬ Original sound – Jonny Perl

3. theraymondsalgado

A Filipino Canadian singer whose TikTok bio cleverly says, “My teeth are straight, but I am not”. Raymond Salgado has built an army of 490,100 followers since joining the platform. His videos show his breathtaking breadth, which could give some of the world’s best singers a run for their money through both covers and original songs.

Theraymond Salgado

Sing away my sadness ## voice effects ## singing ## trend ## sad

♬ Original sound – Raymond Salgado hetheraymondsalgado

I’m a little late in this trend that I know 😂 #heartbreakanniversary #cover #singing #filipino

♬ Original sound – Raymond Salgado hetheraymondsalgado

Singing casually for the @canucks 🏒 #hockey #nationalanthem #canada #vancouver

♬ Original sound – Raymond Salgado hetheraymondsalgado

Day 4 trying to make my song go viral 🤣 #viral #fyp #musician #family

♬ Almost there – Raymond Salgado

4. @ongsquad

This mom of four fun kids has 3.5 million followers who keep searching for their relatable accounts of motherhood, as well as tips on studying, cooking, or choosing during bedtime.


Thanks for 3 million! Let’s #StopAsianHate #AsianCanadian #momsoftiktok #kidconversations #stopAAPIhate together

♬ Original sound – Ong Squad @ ongsquad

Me when I try to have a snack #momsoftiktok #millennialmoms # momof4kids #momprobs #momlife H / T: @michaelandjill

♬ ….. Wiii – ⚡ 𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖚𝖘⚡ @ ongsquad

Ong Squad goes camping #ad #ToyotaElectrified

♬ Original sound – Ong Squad @ ongsquad

How to do musubi #learnontiktok #momsoftiktok #cookingwithkids #musubi #kidconversations

♬ Original sound – Ong Squad

5. @sopheats

Who doesn’t need inspiration every now and then for a restaurant? Or if home cooking is more of your style, can you find some Costco finds to motivate you to head to the big retail stores? On her popular TikTok account, this Vancouverite Sophia Hu is offering both other TikTok users on the lower mainland, as well as other “latest and greatest” finds from across town. So far, the digital creator has 32,300 followers who regularly use the resource.


BEST HAWAIIAN LUNCH IN VANCOUVER !! #vancouverfoodie #vancouver #vancouverfood #hawaiianfood #hawaiianfoodie #kaluapork #locomoco #pokebowl #fyp

♬ Summer – Instrumental – Devinney @ sopheats

BEST TAKEOUT SUSHI ROLLS IN VANCOUVER ✨ # sushi # vancouver # vancouverfoodie # vancouverbc # sushibae # sushiroll # sashimi # sushilover # vancouverfood # takeout # fyp

♬ Kiss me more (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat @ sopheats

Costco Canada finds part 5 !! ✨ # costco # costcocanada # costofinds # costcofindscanada # costcobuys # costcotiktok # costcodealsandsteals # costcoguide # icecream # fyp

♬ The office – the hyphen

6. @tiffycooks

On the other hand, if you’re in need of recipe inspiration, Tiffy is your girl. The food blogger was born in Taiwan before moving to Vancouver in high school. Today she shares recipes on her blog and Instagram every day and also films the 60-second video tutorials that she publishes for her 1.2 million TikTok followers. Typically, their recipes focus on Asian cuisine, from family recipes to recreated street food. Warning: Even briefly scrolling through their feed can make you feel hungry.

@ Tiffycooks

My most coveted recipe for my mother’s FLUFFY, SOFT, Fail-ProofMilk Bread is finally here! Link in bio. #Display

♬ Original sound – TIFFY COOKS 🥟 @ tiffycooks

ONLY 20 minutes, have you tried rice cake?

♬ Original sound – TIFFY COOKS 🥟 @ tiffycooks

Only 5 Ingredients – Egg Filled Pancakes

♬ Original sound – TIFFY COOKS 🥟 @ tiffycooks

The wobble !! So CREAMY, is it better than mom? 😉

♬ Original sound – TIFFY COOKS 🥟

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