McDonald‘s worker reveals on TikTok why everybody stop

A TikTok showing the moment when a US McDonald’s staff all quit en masse has gone viral, with people praising staff for showing “solidarity”.

In a video viewed 13.9 million times, TikTok user @ zoey.isback shared how all employees at the branch had left “unexpectedly”.

Zoey shared a note that read, “Everyone stopped, we closed.”

The footage showed employees standing in front of McDonald’s leaving no one behind the counter while orders waited to be fulfilled and customers waited.

“Well, that happened today and it was so fun,” she captioned the video.

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The video garnered both applause and questions from viewers. Many said they were happy with the “workers solidarity” and the move “does not surprise”.

“I’m glad everyone stopped,” wrote one person. “That tells me more about (a) terrible place there than the staff.”

“I wish that would happen more often,” commented another. “I wouldn’t even be mad if I came in as a customer.”

Others said when this happened to their local maccas, “I would scream HELL YEAH! And go somewhere else ”.

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“I’ve always wanted to be part of a workplace where anyone can quit and we can all go out and let the managers do the work,” said another.

When asked what caused the loss of work, Zoe claimed that she and the other employees quit because of poor conditions, not because of their wages.

“The place was run by teenagers and it was a terrible place to work. The superiors struggled to help us when needed, ”she wrote, according to Indy100.

“It’s a bad job to start with, but that’s where most teenagers start to gain experience, so I went to lie down there.”

“Nobody wants to work anymore”: Brutal Macca’s mark

Back in April, a sign on the drive-through order speaker of another McDonald’s in the US also went viral.

It read: “We are short of staff.

“Please be patient with the staff who turned up.

“Nobody wants to work anymore.”

The character was shared on a TikTok posted by user @ britanyjade903 with the caption: “Y’all. Our McDonald’s is a wild AF. “

The video met with a great response online, with many having sympathy for the remaining employees and praising the symbol for “honesty”.

“So true, don’t be mad at those who work there. You are not the reason for the shortage of staff, ”wrote one person.

“It’s sad because it’s true. We tried to hire people in our restaurant and nobody wants to work, ”said another.

“Nobody wants to come to work, it’s a problem every company has right now … that happens when everyone is still unemployed and refusing to work,” added one woman.

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