Mark Hamill Has the Good Troll Response to TikTok Hater

After Star Wars actor Mark Hamill hit a fake TikTok account this month, he decided to join the social media site himself. Hamill’s first video was a cute little clip of him with his dog Mable, and it was an instant hit. The post received over 5 million views and Hamill now has 1.4 million followers. Hamill claimed his first video might be his last, but he’s clearly having too much fun. The actor’s second post was a fun cross between Star Wars and The Office, and now he’s back with his third (and arguably best) video.

One TikTok user was incredibly salty about Hamill’s instant success on the website and wrote a “joke”: “It’s incredible how some of us can spend years on this app, posting hundreds of hours of content, and never cracking a million views. ” , and this ‘actor’ pops out of that old ass movie, drops a video, gets three million hits and half a million followers in one day. That sucks. “The video caught Hamill’s attention and he had the best answer.” Hi! It’s that ‘actor’ from that old ass movie. What a wonderfully warm welcome to TikTok that you gave me and it’s nice to see another happy customer. “You can watch Hamill’s video below:


Thank you for the warm welcome to TikTok! ## GiveThePeopleWhatTheyWant ## NoBS @dreadpiratedad

♬ ThatActorItsAJoke – Mark Hamill

A look at the OP’s TikTok page reveals that @dreadpiratedad is actually a Star Wars fan. He posted his reaction video of the reaction, which shows him spitting out a drink in shock while using a Star Wars mug. He also posted another video stating that of course he knows who Hamill is and was just kidding in the original video. You can view both posts below:


## Stitch with @hamillhimself ## markfreakinghamill ## GiveThePeopleWhatTheyWant ## NoBS

♬ Original sound – Mike Ryan @dreadpiratedad

Reply to @ rahnessmonster97 ## thebestjoker @hamillhimself

♬ Star Wars Binary Sunset theme – Anna Traylor

In addition to joining TikTok, Hamill recently announced that he is in Serbia to direct his upcoming film The Machine, in which he will star with comedian Bert Kreischer. The film is based on a real story that Kreischer told in his stand-up sets about the engagement for the Russian mob while studying abroad while studying. The film will follow Kreischer 20 years later when mob connections from his past catch up with him and have him and his father (Hamill) kidnapped.

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