Man grosses out TikTok with ‘horrifying’ story of his largest house cooking mistake: ‘I received tremendous sick’

How much hollandaise sauce is too much hollandaise sauce? It’s probably a question none of us ever need or ever will ask.

Unfortunately, it’s a question TikTok user @pbnjonny had to answer the hard way. The TikToker leaves the users of the app seriously spoiled thanks to its “terrible” eating mistake.

As @pbnjonny explains in his now viral TikTok, some confusion at work led him to accidentally eat nothing but hollandaise sauce for an entire week. The results were about as disastrous as one might expect.

The incident happened while he was in college, according to @pbnjonny. At the time, he was working as a bartender in a restaurant where the chefs often left extra bowls of extra food for the staff.

One week @pbnjonny started taking home bowls of delicious “soup” – which he ate several times a day. As it turned out, the soup was definitely not soup.

“I was obsessed,” @pbnjonny said of the mysterious snack.

The TikToker went on to say that despite his love of “soup” he eventually got “really sick”. He returned to work a few days later and attended a staff meeting.

During the meeting, @ pbnjonny’s managers asked if anyone knew why several containers of hollandaise sauce had disappeared in the kitchen. Then the TikToker realized its mistake.

“It turned out I was consuming bowl after bowl bowl after bowl of hollandaise sauce,” @pbnjonny said. “That’s why I got really sick.”

To the unknown, hollandaise is an extremely heavy sauce made from egg yolk, butter, and lemon juice – which means it has a lot in common with mayonnaise. Some experts believe that regardless of the amount, the sauce is actually unsafe to eat.

Of course, TikTok users have had some pretty strong reactions to @ pbnjonny’s story. Many were shocked or very, very depraved.

“That made me sick,” wrote one commentator.

“How did you not know?” asked another.

“I’m just glad your heart didn’t stop,” added another.

The story goes on

Other TikTokers were more sensitive. Some even took the opportunity to share their own food horror stories.

“Oh my god, I did the same thing when my grandmother made gravy,” admitted one user.

“I did this recently and thought it was the best beer cheese soup I’ve ever had,” admitted another.

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