Making ready our Companions for iOS 14: Newest Steering on SKAdNetwork

We are committed to supporting advertisers and publishers with Apple’s requirements for iOS 14. Although Apple’s guidelines are still limited, we are preparing to help our partners respond to the latest updates from Apple and prepare for when Apple implements additional requirements. We recognize the need for organizations to plan for these changes in advance and will provide updated guidance as it becomes available.

Today we share the latest plans to update the Facebook and Audience Network SDKs to add support for the SKAdNetwork API. We expect another update in November and as Apple offers more guidance.

The Facebook SDK

  • We will be releasing an updated version of the Facebook SDK early in the first quarter to support the upcoming data protection requirements for iOS 14. As already published in September, the new version of the Facebook SDK offers support for the SKAdNetwork API and Conversion Value Management from Apple.

Audience Network SDK

Install App Ads

To support partner readiness for Apple’s privacy requirements early next year, the following changes can be expected for running app installation campaigns for iOS 14 users. We’re still waiting for Apple to clarify whether additional requirements will be version-based (from iOS 14.1 or iOS 14.2) or date-based (iOS 14.0 from a certain date).

  • Account management
    • We’re updating previously released guides to eliminate the need for a dedicated ad account for app install ads for iOS 14. We support the ability for advertisers to run app installation campaigns for iOS 14 users from existing ad accounts. You can continue to use your existing ad accounts for app-install ads for non-iOS 14 users and for campaigns with other targets.
    • Due to the limitations imposed by the SKAdNetwork API, the number of separate ad accounts for running campaigns is limited for iOS 14 users. We expect more details to be provided in November.
  • Campaign management
    • Advertisers must create standalone app installation campaigns for iOS 14 users. If Apple implements date-based requirements, any currently running app install campaigns with OS version 14.0 will no longer be deployed and can be migrated to standalone iOS 14 campaigns.
    • Due to the limitations imposed by the SKAdNetwork API, there is a limit to the number of iOS 14 campaigns and ad sets that can be active at any given time. We expect to provide more details in November.
  • optimization
    • In preparation for Apple’s requirements for early next year, we will be supporting the ability to run app installation campaigns optimized for installs (MAI) and app events (AEO). Value Optimization (VO) support is expected from Apple in the weeks following the required implementation.
    • In order to run app installation campaigns that are optimized for installations, app events or value optimization (VO), apps must be registered to use the SKAdNetwork API and the ConversionValue () bits using the Facebook SDK, a supported mobile measurement -Partners or implemented manually have a certain period of time (all calls to updateConversionValue are made within 24 hours after installation). We will use installation and reinstallation event data reported by the SKAdNetwork API to measure and optimize it.
  • Measurement
    • We support the measurement of app installation ads optimized for installation (MAI), app events (AEO), and value optimization (VO) for iOS 14 campaigns, with some restrictions. These changes are the unfortunate result of the limited functionality of SKAdNetwork.
      • SKAdNetwork uses its own attribution window. Due to the aggregate nature of the data provided by the SKAdNetwork API, we cannot provide breakdowns of the 1d, 7d, or 28d click-through or view-through attribution window.
      • Due to the aggregation of data at the campaign level, reports are modeled at the ad and ad level.
      • SKAdNetwork data does not support breakdowns (age, gender, region, placement, etc.) for event metrics for app installation or post installation.
      • Due to the delay in reporting through the SKAdNetwork API, events are reported based on when the data is returned through the SKAN API.
  • App event API
    • Partners who use the App Events API today can still use the App Events API. However, changes in your app are required to support Apple’s SKAdNetwork. We will provide additional implementation details in a future update.
  • Assisting advertisers working with Mobile Measurement partners
    • We work with Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) to support SKAdNetwork interoperability via Facebook or MMP SDKs. This work is ongoing and requires further testing. We will provide an update as soon as the solution is ready.

We understand that more details are needed in order to plan additional requirements created by iOS 14. Like the rest of the industry, we continue to prepare for the changes from Apple and will provide additional updates as Apple provides more guidance. Our next update is expected in November.

Previous updates to prepare our partners for iOS 14:

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