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You’re Known As The Go-To Agency For Finance – How Did That Happen?

Charlotte: Niki and I are both from a financial services marketing background, so that influenced the direction of the agency. We understand the niche nature of financial marketing following rules and updates from ASIC, CySEC, MFSA, FCA, FRB, SEC and MiFID II regulations.

We set up the agency to create engaging content for the financial services sector. Compliant but fun. Yes, it’s a thing! We know how to create great content that wins audiences without ruffling the compliance warlords. We’re also sociable which has helped over the years. We network in the right places and know how to handle financial PR and media.

Niki: You really need to understand the financial markets and follow them closely. If you’re not specialized in financial services, you just wouldn’t be able to dedicate yourself to marketing for this complex industry. As a team, we subscribe to all the finance news sites, regulatory updates and finance trends, meaning we never lose focus.

We also create market analysis each day for clients as well as monthly regulation roundups, so we always know exactly what’s going on in the finance world and keep brokers up to speed with leverage changes, crypto restrictions, trading regulations and more. I think our clients value the fact we can take difficult finance topics and turn them into engaging content.

Is Financial Marketing Boring?

Charlotte: The finance industry is heavily regulated for the protection of investors, savers, and traders. That means no “make money fast” messaging or “win a Ferrari if you deposit”. But I see the finance space as an exciting opportunity to flex your creativity within the rules. It’s a challenge.

Plus, money is such an important factor. It’s the key to your dream vacation, ideal home, retirement fund and security. It’s also a space where most people are lacking education and the challenge is to provide this in a fun, engaging and non-condescending way.

Niki: There’s a lot of fun financial brands out there. You see it a lot with fintechs like Klarna, Robinhood or Starling Bank. I think a lot of forex brands are so desperate to be taken as serious financial products that they forget to be human. Fun isn’t just haha ​​funny, it’s something that’s relatable or as the Danes say, Hygge – a cozy vibe.

Traders are younger, on mobile, and take in a multitude of social and other media channels each day so don’t have a lot of time to absorb complex messaging. Broker content (both visually and the written word) needs to be concise and meaningful. Humor is great and will always stop someone in their tracks. But it can be hard to pull off when you’re targeting internationally.

How Does It Feel To Be Turning 5?

Charlotte: It seems like only yesterday that Niki and I were brainstorming on the floor of her apartment. Now we’re content marketing leaders in an exciting sector that’s evolving at a phenomenal rate. New tools and features are being rolled out regularly and we’re constantly learning and strategising. Things are busy but we will find time for some cake and a sneaky gin to celebrate!

Niki: There’s certainly a lot to keep us busy as we head into our sixth year. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the financial landscape so alive. As we navigate an industry which refuses to stand still, we’re also thrilled to be keeping our loyal clients and can’t wait to take on some new and exciting challenges. We’ve been referred to as finance veterans.

That did make us laugh – and reach for our Tom Collins. Being part of the finance community internationally is also a great privilege and one we don’t take for granted. Over the past few years we’ve media partnered some great events (virtual and in-person) such as the iFX EXPO, Hong Kong Fintech and Money20/20.

We also make a point of regularly attending or speaking at finance conferences. This puts us in good stead to maintain valuable connections and keep on top of the fast-paced finance landscape.

What have you been working on?

Charlotte: As well as working with clients, we’ve also launched a website redesign complete with brand new features such as our portfolio, which can also be accessed from the home page. This allows new clients to check out our work. Another important addition to our site is the integrated home page social media feed. This takes people straight through to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels for instant access to Contentworks updates.

Niki: We are also top finance writers on Medium and have a TikTok featuring funny client problems. In fact, we were voted top finance writers on Medium which is incredible and reflects our focus on engaging finance content. We’ve also launched new educational e-Books that are free to download, a top Content Bar loaded with actually yet entertaining articles and a free finance calendar for our clients to help them navigate each year in style.

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