Mackenzie Newcomb is promoting her wedding ceremony on TikTok

When Mackenzie Newcomb got engaged in September 2019, she was determined to have a budget-friendly wedding that felt personal and unique, and the New Yorker soon found plenty at Milk and Roses in Brooklyn.

The restaurant was perfect for a casual, intimate celebration and its library / speakeasy atmosphere was particularly appropriate as Newcomb runs a virtual book club network. The 28-year-old soon booked her florist and made plans for a magical secret garden-themed wedding. The date was originally set for September 19, 2020 … and then the coronavirus pandemic.

Like many couples, Newcomb and her fiancé Ben Jerrom decided to postpone their wedding and the next few months proved particularly difficult for a variety of reasons.

“My husband’s father, Ed, died after a year in hospice and long-term illness, and we even had a major flood in our storage unit that destroyed a lot of our belongings,” she told TMRW.

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When Newcomb and Jerrom moved from NYC to Massachusetts, where they grew up, they quickly realized that they preferred to get married right away in an even simpler ceremony.

“When we saw the rental house, my grandparents lived in Hingham, Massachusetts. Right on the harbor, it seemed fate. When I saw the place, I turned to Ben and said,” We have to get married here, “and with my grandparents “Full support and excitement, my mom and I have a wedding planned in three weeks!”

Of course, the bride had already planned and booked her other wedding in New York, and she was legally required to pay for it whether she attended or not. And as time went on, she grew nervous about how to get back the nearly $ 23,000 she’d spent on her original 80-person ceremony.

Newcomb’s father suggested “selling” the wedding several times, but she never thought it would be possible.

“I didn’t think anyone would want my wedding, honestly! I’ve been casually tweeting about selling it for a while, and one of my book club members named Lyndsey actually suggested I try my hand at TikTok,” she said .

In late April, Newcomb went on the app and shared a video announcing that their wedding was on sale for $ 15,000 – a $ 8,000 discount off the cost. The winning couple will also have to pay $ 3,100 due at the venue on the day of the wedding.

“I picked this price because it felt fair, but I honestly expected to negotiate with people and assumed I would get less for it. Fortunately, people aren’t just willing to pay that amount pay, they are also willing to do a payment! ”she said.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must live in NYC (preferably Brooklyn)
  2. Must be willing to make full payment in advance
  3. The flower plan must remain unchanged (with the exception of the chuppah, which is specific to the Jewish faith).
  4. Must also keep all other hired providers (DJ, etc.).

The newlyweds are surprised at the reaction their post has received in just a few days (she has around a dozen legitimate offers) and say they will be ready to announce the winners soon. And now, after nearly a year of worrying about the big bill, Newcomb feels quite relieved.

“The Brooklyn wedding felt like a dark cloud over our heads. We knew we didn’t want it, but we didn’t want to break contracts or hurt our suppliers who were already suffering from COVID,” she said. “I’m also now self-employed (I run a large virtual book club) which adds a whole new level of financial anxiety to the mix.”

The 28-year-old is consulting with a lawyer to clarify everything legally, and she has received the provider’s seal of approval before going live with her TikTok video. So what do the newlyweds plan to do when they sell their wedding? A honeymoon trip to the Philippines could be in the near future.

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Newcomb is excited to pass their planned wedding on to another happy couple, and says she has not changed her actual wedding in the slightest.

“The wedding we ended up having, with only siblings, parents and grandparents, was the dream wedding! In a beautiful setting, my grandmother presided over the ceremony (she is a bishop priestess), we had lobster, steamer and clam soup for dinner a perfect New England way “, she said. “It was so intimate, personal, and even luxurious.”

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