Louis Powell: TikTok Is Obsessed With This Mannequin’s Runway Stroll

7. How did you react to people on TikTok obsessing about your walk?

I think it’s cool, some people think I actually go everywhere like this. I was surprised at how strong the reaction was at first, but I think I’m flattered about it. I just hope it’s not the only thing I’m known for. Since I’m only 17, I also try to develop other things that I do, like music and acting, and fashion!

TikTok: Courtesy of @youngmanpowell

8. Your TikTok followers Ask them to go for walks in unexpected settings. Where is the hardest place you’ve ever run?

Wow it’s true they do. I think for me it was the time when I was asked to go in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Fortunately, I had to go to Paris for work so I could do it. The only problem was getting the right shot. I had to go down the middle of the main street that led there. So I had to choose the right moment when not too many cars would fly past me. That was crazy. It was definitely one of my favorite hikes. I love to step out of my comfort zone as much as possible and try new things.

9. What’s your favorite TikTok of all time? And which one has cost you the longest?

If you ask which of my own videos I like the most, I have to say I don’t have a favorite, but I had a lot of fun doing what I did a catwalk on in my bedroom and played the model, photographer and designer. Since this was quite complicated, it also took the longest. I did it during lockdown as I was disappointed that I missed Fashion Week, so I brought Fashion Week into my bedroom!

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