Legislation roundup: Man blames TikTok for tire tampering

Someone allegedly removed all of the wheel nuts from the rear passenger tire of a truck that was parked on the street with a trailer. The man said that Kalispell Police Station he almost lost a tire while driving and thought the incident might be the result of another dangerous TikTok challenge.

A man who was walking around with a four-legged “little guy” is supposed to drop a bottle of schnapps and then “slam the dog on the floor”.

Someone was startled by a rattling noise from the back door and the sound of snow crunching, like someone was walking around the house trying to get in. The resident allegedly had a protection order against a man and was waiting to be signed by a judge.

A receptionist asked the police for help about a man who was gesturing and yelling that people in a room were stealing his phone.

Suspicious items were reportedly collected from a room, including a series of “practice exams” from a photocopier.

One woman claimed that her boyfriend’s son hit him.

Two calls came about a motor home with white and blue stripes in the middle, attached to a light pole in a company parking lot with an extension cord. The mobile home was pulled along.

According to reports, an employee attempted to escort a belligerent and disobedient man off campus.

A vehicle without a license plate sped through a school zone in Kalispell at 45 to 80 km / h.

A Kalispell woman reported that her husband’s gun was missing.

According to reports, a woman was collecting items for her daughter who was thrown from a location and when she started unpacking them, she noticed that items were missing and damaged, and believed that her daughter’s social security card had been stolen.

A man in Bigfork is said to have owed money to a woman with whom he bought a four-wheeler.

A welfare check was requested for an unresponsive driver sitting in a moving vehicle in a Kalispell parking lot. Someone said they thought there was a possible bottle of alcohol next to him.

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