Lawrence salon enjoys flurry of constructive evaluations after TikTok video of worker dancing with toddler goes viral

Marieliz Lopez took her 1 year old son Josiah to get a haircut at El Corte Magico on Wednesday. Moved by the way hairdresser Luis Vargas soothed her son as he cut his hair, she decided to take out her cell phone and capture the scene.

“It was a wonderful moment for me to watch,” said Lopez, 22. “He never cried at all. In general. “

Lopez said it was her first time going to El Corte Magico because usually her father, who is the hairdresser, cuts Josiah’s hair. Even then, Josiah squirms, cries and sometimes has to look at a phone to distract himself.

When she went to El Corte Magico, Vargas immediately laid down some basic rules: No phone, let your son come to me alone and don’t stand by his side.

“When she came she was finishing her cell phone, so I said to her, ‘I don’t allow cell phones in my chair. If you can do me a favor, I’d love to let him sit with me, ”said Vargas, who has worked in the business for the past eight years.

“He said, ‘Don’t bring him to me, let him come to me,’ she said.” I said, ‘Ok, that’s fine.’ So Josiah, he’s not friends with strangers like that. But he raised his arms and asked Luis to lift him onto the chair.

Then Josiah started dancing with Vargas, throwing his hands in the air and singing to the music. Lopez was relieved to see a moment that any rushed parent who’d taken a young child for a haircut would cherish.

“He doesn’t even know how to talk and he had a conversation with him,” said Lopez. “I said, ‘This is so nice.’ He treated Josiah so perfectly. It was so incredible. “

Lopez, who has a huge following on the TikTok social media app, posted the video explaining what happened on the barber chair. The cute scene hit a chord and has been viewed a million times.

After Lopez identified the salon in the comments section, the shop’s Google page was flooded with good reviews.

“I saw a video of a hairdresser named Luis on TikTok and wanted to leave a review,” one person wrote. “You, sir, are a great man … gracias.”

“Nice job promoting independence !!!” wrote another.

Vargas said he learned about the video from his 22-year-old son. He was surprised that it got so much attention, but glad that people were enjoying the moment.

Vargas gave Josiah a line-up that day, a sharp cut difficult to get on a moving child.

“It ended perfectly,” he said.

Lopez’s father, the barber, may have just lost a client.

“We will repeat this visit,” wrote Lopez when she released the video.

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