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LAVEEN, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – Who would have thought dipping broccoli in a packet of ranch dressing that could fit in your pocket would be so popular?

A Laveen builder collects millions of views on TikTok. Eric Amadio, the owner of the Amadio Ranch, uses his newfound fame to show the world what it takes to bring food to your plate.

In the video that started it all, Amadio and his “Pocket Ranch” wowed millions. “I actually posted it on TikTok and it didn’t do much for a week or ten days,” he said. “And then one day it just exploded.”

While he was opting for social media to boost business for Amadio Ranch, he initially hesitated with TikTok. “I mean, I have proposals for marriage, I have probably at least 10,000 people who have told me they love me,” Amadio said.

He never thought it would have that effect. “The ones I absolutely love are the people who say you know I had a really hard time and I’m in a bad place in life and there is something about your video that really made me feel better today “added Amadio.

Amadio bought Laveen Farm 11 years ago to show his children how to grow crops. “It’s not good enough for them to read books about it,” he said. “You have to see it in action.” With roughly an acre and a half of land and 250 fruit trees, he uses his online popularity for education. “So many people had no idea what a broccoli plant looked like.”

His TikTok account offers food literacy classes. “One of the things that I think people don’t realize, if you sow a seed and germinate, it could take 80, 90 days to actually be fertile,” Amadio said. “It’s a lot of work, and if you don’t know how food is grown you can’t appreciate what’s on your plate.”

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