Large Ed Will get Hair Finished On TikTok With Thriller Lady

Ed has a new pretty woman dye her hair on IG. His mother’s comment cleared up confusion as to whether this mysterious woman is Ed’s date.

The previous one 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days Star Big Ed AKA, the sugar daddy, gets her hair colored by a new mysterious woman in front of the camera. Many fans have noticed that Ed loves to post his hair care routine on his Instagram. Previously, he had shared a few pictures of his mother, Norma, who dyed her hair black. He told his IG family that Norma was getting old and sick and asked them to move into his house and live with him. She’s been with him for a while and often helps him with his hair.

On 90 Days: The Single Life, Ed asked her to do his hair, and she gave him a unique hairstyle called the samurai braid. In addition to the hairstyle, Ed is also focused on his fitness goals. He had planned to shed 30 pounds this January. After training for over three months, he has finally lost 25 pounds. The San Diego native recently posted a picture showing his face looking visibly slimmer. Many 90-day fiancé fans cannot forgive Ed for his aggressive behavior towards his ex-girlfriend Rosemarie Vega. But they’re thrilled to see the slimmer version of Ed.

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Recently, former TLC star Ed made a new TikTok video in which he got a new pretty girl to dye his hair. He used the song “Mom” sung by Meghan Trainor in the background. It looks like this new woman is not Ed’s love interest, but a friend or relative. He recorded the video with the girl @withlovelilybear’s IG grip. Lily is happy to dye Ed’s hair and smiles broadly at the camera. Check out the TikTok video Ed posted on his IG:

In the comment section, Ed’s mom revealed that she is in Florida enjoying a vacation with her cute daughter Tracy. Norma is excited to see Lily, her husband, and children have a great time with their son when she is out of town. Many fans initially thought Ed was going on a new date, but his mom’s comment cleared the confusion. Some of the fans also gave him styling advice. A fan suggested that he cut his hair short and stop dyeing his hair black because he has white hair in his beard, which looks bad.

Someone else praised Ed for losing weight and motivating him to keep losing excess fat. The fan also asked him to find a woman older than 45. So he won’t get a friend zone and can build a romantic and stable relationship. While Ed looks more than ready to start a relationship, it seems that his ex-Rose is still single. She is busy making money from her modeling appearances and her YouTube channel. She recently had a traditional housewarming party in her two-story home and served several exotic dishes to her guests. It looks like 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days turned out to be the greatest blessing for them.

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