Lady spots ghostly picture in background of Snapchat photograph: ‘Scariest factor ever’

The scary season is long gone, but Scary Story TikTok is here to stay.

User @saltwavesspanishmoss asked people to share their first paranormal experiences and boy did they deliver.

One of the most popular replies came from @hellotefi remembering a premonition she got while drinking with friends.

She said she heard a voice asking her to let one of her friends know, “that he isn’t putting enough coconut oil in the recipe I gave him.”

Assuming she was probably a little too drunk for this to make any sense, she took the chance anyway and let him know – and he started crying. It turned out that his grandmother had recently passed away, so he made an old recipe in her memory.

It didn’t taste right and now he knows why – it just needed more coconut milk.

In the comments, @hellotefi said she knew her story sounded like a plot point from Grey’s Anatomy but reassured her followers that it was completely true.

“This is so crazy,” replied one user.

User @ dickshamu144 shared a much darker experience.

She said that one day after her brother told her that her mother was looking for her in the chicken coop, she ventured into her garden in the dark to find her and bravely stepped inside after hearing her mother’s voice.

At that moment her brother called her from the house and said her mother was actually in the living room looking for her.

“When my mom is in the living room, who the hell called me in this dark?” she said in the video. “It sounded just like my mother’s. I ran so fast.”

The commentators were seriously upset – and many believed it was some kind of evil spirit calling their name.

“I am not drawing dark energy from this video,” wrote many different users.

“The scariest thing ever, please stay safe,” said one.

User @ ash122894’s scary moment came in the form of a Snapchat photo.

She said she took a picture in front of a large bay window that her grandparents have in their home. As she thought about the recording, she noticed a man with black hair and “big yellow eyes” staring at her in the background.

The story goes on

She showed the snapshot to her grandmother, who told her to delete the photo immediately. She sent it anyway, but her grandmother made a terrifying revelation the next day.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, but there was a man with black hair and bright yellow eyes staring at you in the picture,” said @ ash122894’s grandmother, according to TikToker.

“After that picture it was all downhill from there,” she explained.

The commentators were very scared.

“My whole body has goosebumps,” wrote one

Many asked for the photo, but she said she took it before Snapchat allowed you to save your pictures. Hopefully she doesn’t have a chance to see it ever again.

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